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Sorting guides into tents for camp

Having problems putting guides into tents for forthcoming jamboree. Every time we think we've sorted it a guide or parent complains. How does everyone else sort the tents out? Desperate for any ideas. Thanks


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Do your best to accommodate all but don’t let it draw you away from other planning. I normally ask them to choose one or two others (depending on the tent pod size) and try and make that work. After that if they are still messing I threaten to draw lots because a tent can only hold so many guides!
I never tell them who they will be sharing with until they get there. If they have been with you a while, you know who they want to share with anyway
You would think so. We thought we had resolved the matter by giving the girls a sheet with the number of tents and the number of girls in each tent. It was duly completed by the girls with open discussion between them. Great, or so we thought! However yesterday evening we had separate visits from each of 3 girls who are down to share a tent (all of whom are amongst the eldest in our unit), 2 of these saying that they weren't happy with their daughters sharing with the 3rd. They apparently have had problems with this particular girl but haven't seen fit to tell us! So we seem bound to upset someone! Very tempted to tell them all we are tearing up the first plan and pull names from a hat. We are going to a jamboree and have told parents and girls they will only be in the tents to sleep as they will all be together during activities.


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More often than not they find out once at camp, this year however because we'd had changes of participants followed by last minute drop outs it hadn't been decided. We only had 7 girls attend(half of number we usually take) plus some 9+ Brownies. We said Brownies would all be in one tent and rest had to split into 2 groups. They did it, not sure that everyone was happy but at the end of the day it was only for sleeping.


I tell the Guides, either they can sort it out amicably amongst themselves, or I will sort it out to suit me alone, and my word will be final - like it or lump it as the case may be.

In 10 years, I've never once had to sort it out. Once it's clear that the only way for them to get any of what they want is to reach an agreement, they agree.

As far as parents are concerned, I'm afraid unless they can give me good reasons why their child absolutely has to be in a particular group or not in a particular group, then I'm not interested in which parents do or do not get on with each other.