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SSAGO and the Queen's Guide


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Hi I'm a QG mentor and ex-ssago.
I have a current SSAGO member working on her QG. We were discussing what ssago events she may be involved in would count for her award.

As anyone counted any ssago stuff for their QG and if so what and for what elements?

Is there a booklet which explains what will and won't count. Our county has a number of student guiders and most of the current ssago group are guiders so it'll be good to get an idea.


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On the Senior Section CD there are pdfs with the detailed syllabus notes for each section of the award. These explain exactly what is required for each section, and any specific rules that need to be complied with that won't be in the syllabus overview that's online/in the basic syllabus outline or in the QG record book.

I would recommend you and your mentee locate the detailed syllabus notes on the CD (right click and explore the CD from 'my computer' rather than running it will be easiest) and then read them. It's the only way - it's not possible to work on the award successfully without reading them all - and it'll answer your questions. There would be nothing worse than working on QG without reading the full syllabus, not following the requirements and rules, and getting to 'the end' and having this pointed out and having work invalidated when it's too late to rectify it.

Each module has usually at least a couple of a4 pages of detailed notes - outdoor challenge has 4 pages - just so you can see how much more information is in the full syllabus than the headings in the record book. A lot of people seem to be trying to start QG without reading the full syllabus, which is dangerous for such an exacting award.


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thanks. I need to locate my CD first! I have been using the PDF syllabus and I knew there was more information somewhere.