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SSAGO DMU Leicester


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Although im just over 26 im starting uni and would love to be involved with other scouters & guiders at uni. I do live in the area and run my own units but I would like to be more sociable.

Anyone know if there is one at DMU?


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dont think theres one at DMU, you share with Leicester uni and be SLUG :p alternatively become a indie and join in with Rallies!!!

Not sure if teh midlands lot still meet up for camps and challenge evenings - I'm too outta the loop now


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there is also a leicestershire young adult leaders group which was started up last year as well, there's been a couple of events but I've not yet made it to any of them! Its taking a while to get off the ground but it was aimed at leaders who were not really senior section (for whatever reason) but wanting to do something with other leaders around similar ages. There is also the county leaders meal in September, we're a fairly sociable bunch!