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SSAGO in Durham?


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My daughter hopes to go to Durham Uni in Sept. Is there a SSAGO group. She's also been YL with Rainbows and would be interested in linking with a rainbow unit


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I'm a PhD student at Durham, if you send me a PM I can pass your details on to DUSAGG (Durham Uni Scout and Guide Group) and someone will be in touch with her...maybe after the exam period, though! If you google DUSAGG their website comes up, and there are contact details on that if you wanted to go directly.


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There's a poster up in th window of the church hall on the main road up to the library/ science site asking for Guiding leaders actually...or at least there was when I was up there (2004-2009).

I have to say that the DUSAGG (Durham Uni Scout and Guide Group) put me off Guiding for 5 years, and I know THREE other Durham Alumni in Guiding (2 work at CHQ) who said the same. I personally found they were more focused on doing activities themselves than being a leader which I wanted to do ('We do Brownie Badges ourselves!' is what they told me at the fresher's fair!). I would be tempted to enquire with local Guiding directly if your daughter finds that they havent improved since then and not be put off like I was....


It is very activity based and more scout-y than guide based, I haven't had much to do with it while being here, as I prefer just being a Leader and doing Senior Section at home, but it is nice to know that there are other student guiders out there!
This is the website: http://www.dur.ac.uk/scout-guide.group/ , as I'm at the other campus I'm not completely sure, but I think that in the first few weeks of term starting they organise a evening where the local leaders come and you have the chance to talk to them and find a unit to suit you.


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I think DUSAGG are brilliant. They run loads of activities for the local Guides and Scouts (like skills days, incident hikes etc). They take masses of work but are really well run and the local units love them. I think they also organise lots of their own activities including trips, weekends away etc. In this respect they are more like older Senior Section or Network Scouts (at 18-22ish most of their members are still youth members) and they are doing exactly what we train Senior Section to do. It would be great if your daughter got involved with a local unit but DUSAGG offers something different and a chance to make friends with a great bunch of like minded people.


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Hello, I am currently at Durham, city campus.

Having been very involved in Guiding from two, dad worked nights mum was a leader- taking me down was cheaper than a baby sitter (and Scouting from 14) and was really excited about joining SSAGO. So I went along, and for the first time in my guiding history I made my excuses an left early. I have never felt so patronised and treated like a rainbow, considering we were all adults with experience and 'like minded'. I have never been back since. But I will give them their due, they do do alot of activities for the local groups. Before I started uni, I contact the region who filtered me down to CC who advised me of the 'chocolate and chat' session - happens in October and local leaders meet up with new students so you can find a unit to help with. Really useful experience. I help with a unit just outside the city, travel expenses are paid for - and really nice to venture out of the Durham bubble. The district is active and ventures out quite a bit. I am really glad that although a terrible experience at Dusagg, this didn't put me off Guiding for my time at uni.

This is my opinion, everyone is different and probably the people who put me off will graduate this year. So it is worth a try. But as Lydia! Mentioned contact the local guiding direct too.