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Idea! Staying Fresh: Index of Discussion Topics


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  1. Leader v Guider (First discussion: Leader v Guider)
  2. Do you think that any Guiding traditions are at risk of being lost, how do you think we can save them or is it a good thing (Second Discussion: Are any Guiding traditions at risk of being lost?)
  3. Heritage for sale? When should archive material be sold and what’s worth keeping? Weekly Discussion: Heritage for Sale (or the bin)?
  4. Lessons from the past or how to save the reinvention of the wheel (Weekly Discussion: Lessons from the past-or how not to reinvent the wheel)
  5. Should we revisit our "iconic" uniform styles?
  6. Why was the JB uniform so popular? (Weekly Discussion: Fashion is over quickly, style is forever)
  7. What makes a "traditional" unit? (Weekly Discussion: What makes a “traditional unit”?)
  8. Revisionism and Guiding history. (Weekly Discussion: Revisionism and Guiding History)
  9. Velcro your badges onto your skort. Forgotten “gems” from Guiding history Weekly Discussion: Velcro your badges onto your skort…forgotten gems from Guiding history
  10. These colours don't run, what colours do you associate with Guiding? Weekly Discussion: These colours don’t run
  11. it’s time to fly over the rainbow…what do you do when girls leave the unit? Weekly Discussion: It's time to fly over the rainbow....
  12. Is there still a future for cloth badges? Weekly Discussion: Is there a future for cloth badges
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Current Topics/Issues

  1. Has the "new" branding been a success (Discussion V: Branding, has it worked?)
  2. Badge tabs (Discussion VII: Badge Tabs)
  3. Should Guiding consider paid figures at local level? (Weekly Discussion VIII: Should we have paid figures at local level?)
  4. What do we think of the new online system (this would be when it's launched) ~Thread Exists~
  5. Is the term "flexible Guiding" abused? (Discussion XV: Is the term "flexible Guiding abused?")
  6. Is there such a thing as not room for "just one more?" (Weekly Discussion XVIII: Is there such a thing as not room for "just one more?")
  7. Have the Guide Laws become pushed to the side? (Discussion XVI: Have the Laws Been Pushed Aside?)
  8. Is it time to "professionalise" our recruitment and training? (Weekly discussion- Professionalising Guiding)
  9. Handbooks, useful point of reference and record keeper-or an obsolete expense?Weekly Discussion XXI: Handbooks
  10. Challenge badges: fundraiser and awareness raiser, or taking us away from Guiding principals? (Weekly Discussion: “Challenge” Badges)
  11. A celebrity CG (Weekly Discussion: A Celebrity Chief?)
  12. Do we need the manual "back"? (Weekly Discussion: Do we need the manual "back"?)
  13. A badge for everything? (Weekly Discussion: A badge for everything?)
  14. From behind closed doors straight into your unit. Transparency and membership. (Weekly Discussion: From Behind Closed Doors and Straight Into Your Unit)
  15. How has social media changed how we Guide? (https://www.guiders.co.uk/threads/weekly-discussion-has-social-media-changed-guiding.59927/ )
  16. Has the internet changed how we Guide? (Weekly Discussion: Has the internet changed Guiding?)
  17. Has "girl led Guiding" become an excuse for non Guiding? Weekly Discussion: Has “Girl Led Guiding” become an excuse for non Guiding?
  18. Is the current website and recruitment material not using enough uniformed members? Weekly Discussion: Insert yourself here
  19. When do you plan on integrating in the new program? Weekly Discussion: Phasing the new program
  20. A campaign to end campaigns Weekly Discussion: It is better to do good than be good.....a campaign to end campaigns
  21. Should we re vist the idea of merging with the Scouts? https://www.guiders.co.uk/community/threads/weekly-discussion-when-two-become-one.60374/
  22. Do we need an attitude check?
  23. Is the ALQ unfairly assessed?
  24. Does the ALQ cover what we need Weekly discussion: Qualifying to lead
  25. Weekly Discussion: For whom the bell shaped badge tolls...
  26. Is Guiding pricing out volunteers Weekly Discussion: Affordable for all?
  27. Too many cooks?
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  1. What is the best camp/residential recipe you know (Third discussion .2 Best residential recipe)
  2. What was the most successful residential you have been a part of (and what do you think made it so) (Discussion XIII:What makes a successful residential?)
  3. Mobile phones at residentials (Weekly Discussion: Mobile phones at residentials)
  4. Do all residentials need a theme? Weekly Discussion: Do all residentials need a theme?
  5. Useful tips and hacks
  6. Glamping isn’t for us. Tips and resources for a “traditional” camp
  7. Seasonal trip ideas
  8. Would you confiscate? Weekly Discussion: Would you confiscate?
  9. Awakeovers. How to get the girls to get some actual shut eye. Weekly Discussion: No awakeovers on our watch
  10. Home comforts...what’s your one camp must have/indulgence Weekly Discussion: Home comforts
  11. Squabbles, sulks and strops. Dealing with challenging behaviour on residentials. Weekly Discussion: Squabbles, sulks and strops
  12. When it’s not a home away from home. Dealing with home sickness. Weekly Discussion: A bit more than first time nerves
  13. Master thread of ideas for themes
  14. Less is more…are we worrying too much about themes and details for residentials? Weekly Discussion: Less is more?
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Activity/Meeting Ideas:

  1. Tips for running a cultural based night (Weekly Discussion: Cultural Night)
  2. What is the best way to introduce a "different" activity to a unit (for example singing to a unit that doesn't sing, a walk for a mainly indoor unit) (Discussion X: Something new)
  3. Budget Term (Weekly Discussion: Budget Term Ideas)
  4. I failed so you don’t have to. What internet ideas work or what’s needed to make them work?(Weekly Discussion: I failed at it so you don’t have to!)
  5. Tiny space, big ideas. Guiding in limited space. Weekly Discussion: Tiny space, big ideas
  6. Silence is golden. Getting five mins focus from girls. Weekly Discussion: Silence is Golden
  7. Meeting in a bag. Ideas to keep in your back pocket for last minute Guiding.
  8. Starting from scratch. Ideas for brand new units in their first term.
  9. Why can’t we be friends? Ideas for when girls aren’t getting along.
  10. Buy cheap, buy twice? What's worth the cost Weekly Discussion: Buy cheap buy twice?
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General Guiding:

  1. Who is your Guiding heroine? (Discussion VIII.2 Who is your unsung Guiding Heroine?)
  2. What badge/s do you miss or hope for in the future (Discussion XII: Interest Badges)
  3. The best way to start a new Guiding year (Discussion XIV: The Right Start)
  4. Life after death, is the term “Guiding death” still relevant? (Weekly Discussion: Life After Death)
  5. How to retain girls all the way from Rainbows to TSS (Weekly Discussion: Retention from Rainbows to TSS)
  6. Mobile phones at meetings (Weekly Discussion: Mobile phones at residentials)
  7. Food glorious food, snacks during meetings.(Weekly Discussion: Food Glorious Food. Snacks at meetings.)
  8. Craft and the environment (Weekly Discussion: Craft, Materials, and the Environment (oh my!))
  9. Fun or solem, what should promise ceremonies look like? (Weekly Discussion: Promise ceremonies)
  10. Male members and the Promise (Weekly Discussion: Male volunteers and the Promise)
  11. Should we have a single uniform? (Weekly Discussion XIX: Single uniform)
  12. Guiding "essentials" and merchandise (Weekly Discussion: Guiding "essentials" and other merchandise)
  13. Push and pull, How should we get our information? (Weekly Discussion: The information tug of war)
  14. What's something you'd like all members/volunteers aware of? (Weekly Discussion: One thing…)
  15. Overseas ideas; what can we learn from our WAGGS sisters?
  16. Sash(ay) away. What’s the best way to display badges? (Weekly Discussion: Sash(ay) away)
  17. How to help shy girls
  18. Training and accessibility, how can training be made better? Training and accessibility
  19. Meeting the neighbours, how welcoming is “wider” local Guiding?
  20. Year Nought. What should a brand new leader know in the first year. Weekly Discussion: Year Nought
  21. Beyond leadership. What else is out there role wise. Weekly Discussion: Beyond Leadership
  22. Do we have too much information available? Weekly Discussion: Information overload?
  23. Do you wear neckers? Weekly Discussion: To necker or not to necker?
  24. Lessons learned from being in different units Weekly Discussion: Guiding in Different Areas
  25. Strictly confidential! The benefit of an information “classification” system? Weekly Discussion: Strictly Confidential!
  26. Coolest badge Weekly Discussion: Coolest badge
  27. For whom the bell shaped badge tolls...Weekly Discussion: For whom the bell shaped badge tolls...
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  1. Waiting list fiascos (Weekly Discussion: Waiting List Fiascos)
  2. Keeping Up with the Flossies (Weekly Discussion: Keeping up with the Flossies)
  3. Big(ish) fish, small pond (Weekly Discussion: Big(ish) fish. Small pond.)
  4. How to deal with "that Guider" (Weekly Discussion: “That” volunteer)
  5. An Easy Life vs "The Principal" (Weekly Discussion: An easy life v the principal)
  6. Out of my Box: Being typecast .(Weekly Discussion: Out of my Box)
  7. “Training” parents. How can we encourage parents into certain habits? (Weekly Discussion: “Training” parents )
  8. Paying their way. Discounts for volunteers family members. Weekly Discussion: Paying their way?
  9. Anon suggestion: at her discretion and to my discredit Weekly Discussion: Her discretion to my discredit
  10. If you can keep your head when those all about you are losing theirs…
  11. Me, myself and I. Running a unit when it’s just you Weekly Discussion: Me, myself and I
  12. The Final Curtain. When your time running the unit is up how can you help it’s future?
  13. Who will manage the future? The changing role of DC Weekly Discussion: Who will manage the future?
  14. But it’s only…restricted activities and bending the rules
  15. Getting girls (and adults) to wear uniform.
  16. If you can't shift it....creative ideas for old materials other than BSS Weekly Discussion: If you can't shift it.....
  17. How to include the more difficult to include.
  18. They sang what?! Banning songs and activities. Weekly Discussion: Intimidated away from local Guiding
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