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Students looking for units


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I'm the Join Us volunteers coordinator for one of the Districts near the university I work at. However I'd really prefer to have my enquiries via Join Us if that's OK and I would imagine that a lot of coordinators would be the same.

Nothing wrong with letting us know on here who's going where though!
I would definitely not like mine through Join Us given the amount of hassle it took to get students that joined us later in the year off there! I will only be asking leaders to use Join Us if they haven't got a record on go. Ours had got through to the CRB check part and got stuck 'because it's not meant to be used by those who have previously been a member' and CHQ have to manually match each of these up.

"Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your email.

The issue is that Emma is already on Go! as she has previously been a member and need not have come through Join Us.

I have added her Recruitment Checks to her Go! record (2******) and her role should just be added using her membership number, and I will delete her from the Join Us system.

Many Thanks

Victoria Storey
Membership Systems Support – Join Us

17-19 Buckingham Palace Road
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Although finding out about local GUiding is nice, I would hold off committing to a unit until you've seen what is happening as far as clubs and societies go in freshers week, so that you can decide what you can fit into your schedule.
I think this would probably be my advice too. Having got a daughter who will be going back to university to start her second year in September, I was really quite pleased and proud of her for taking the decision to NOT find a local unit in her first year but to take time to settle in to university life, making new friends, finding her way around a new city etc etc. She has had a great year and is looking forward to (hopefully) finding a unit when she goes back in the Autumn. Guiding is important to her, but others things were more important to her when she first started uni. :)


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One of my Brownie LiTs will be going to Exeter University. She has only just started her ALQ so has very little signed off. She has, however, been in Guiding since she was young and is a very keen (but quiet) leader. She is going to register via Join Us once she know where she is living, but it would be great to get a personal contact for her.

If anyone is going to Surrey University, my district is desperately after leaders for all sections. We are based in Haslemere, which is a 20 minute train journey away from Guildford station. We are willing to pay train fares for anyone who volunteers with us. Leaders may also be able to pick you up from Guildford to take you to meetings (it depends on which unit you help with). Most units meet at the Guide HQ which is about 2 minutes walk from Haslemere station.