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Question? Suggest Posting Ranks

I like the suggestion of the old tests/ awards or ones about camping, some ideas for what could be:
*Rookie Camper
*Marshmallow burner
*Subcamp dweller
*Confident camper
*Expert Marshmallow toaster
*Chief Camper
*Camp/ing Royalty
I like the old badges idea but I really like this!


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I like the old award idea but I think we could certainly use the camp cooking theme. Keep the suggestions coming and I'll try and compose a list this weekend.
I like this, the good thing is it's almost unending in titles you can use.


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Does anyone know what became of this (having new posting “ranks”)? Would this be possible with the new site update happening?
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Obviously not “needed” but it was always a bit of fun to have “upgraded” to the next level. We still have post rankings as such for under 10, 50, 100, then it jumps to something like 1500!


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Well, if we're going to have a theme, campfire then ... the rest put real things / places / whatever into a ranking system, suggesting one is better than the other. Personally, while I do sometimes look at how many posts some one has made (to get an idea of how experienced they are) I don't need any made up title.