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Suggestions for drop in activities


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My Brownie unit is working through the Growing Guiding Challenge and attempting to get more volunteers into the area. We have a drop in evening planned in a couple of weeks where I would like the brownies to be running activities. The problem is I am really stuck as to what those activities could be. I have asked the girls but I must not have explained it very well because they mostly came up with games.

Any suggestions?


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One of our leaders has a little badge making machine (I think it's a good toy one rather than a really expensive one). For Brownies to Guides, we often get girls to design the patrol badge they would like to be in. How about getting adults to design an'owl' badge and think about their owl name ? You could put out lots of pics of different owls and it gets them to subtly imagine themselves as a leader!


You could have one Six teaching a simple craft - if possible one you've done recently in the unit so they all know how to do it, and can help anyone who is struggling.
Another could teach a good-turn skill - how to sew on buttons, or how to make tea/coffee, or how to fold clothes for packing, or whatever best suits.
A third could have a skills challenge such as an obstacle race, picking up dried peas with tweezers, tongue twisters . . .
If you've a fourth Six they could run a simple 'true or false' quiz about Brownies.