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Survival tin contents


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This term we're doing our Survival Badge and plan to put together some small pocket sized survival tins. Most of my girls will be moving up to High school in Sept and thought we'd do a bit of urban survival as well as the usual outdoor stuff.

We thought little tins with useful bit in -eg, lip balm, spare hair bands, nail file etc. along with a few basic emergency period items. My question is what are peoples thoughts on including paracetamol or even a Calpol sachet in the kit for period pain relief at school? Is this a total no-no, or if parents are ok with it then go ahead?


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I wouldn't include it, but maybe mention it - some girls never need to take it, others may not be aware that they can - but with parental permission.


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What are schools policies on children taking medication like paracetamol without permission/knowledge (Especially the younger ones)


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I would say no, not without parents permission. Perhaps they could find out the name of their school nurse/best person to ask for paracetemol, should they need it at school?


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You need to be 12 to buy paracetamol and it’s not recommended for under 12s (because “adult strength” cannot ethically be tested on children under this age). You can’t buy more than two packs at a time in most places anyway so it would be difficult to buy before the meeting.

I’d just mention it as something to consider adding themselves.


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Some schools allow self medication but some only allow it for "emergency" things like inhalers or epipens. Other things you'd have to hand in.