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I am looking at doing my taking guides abroad qualification.

I was thinking of Adeboden, Switzerland in 2020.

I was also thinking of using Venture Abroad to help me as its my first time. But looking at the pricing's (there seems a lot of extras) I am wondering if it would be easier and cheaper to organizing it all myself or have other people find it easier and cheaper doing it through someone like Venture Abroad.

Peoples experiences doing both/advice would be gratefully appreciated.


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I can't speak for the pro's and con's of using VA for a trip but I can speak in terms of organising your own.

It comes down to your organising abilities, time available and what you want to on your trip.

Packages such as VA take a lot of the planning out of the situation, you pay the money and they have done the homework on accommodation, transport and entertainment.
If you plan your own, you have many other possibilities but you need to do the planning etc. So do you go by coach, rail or fly...do you stay in a youth hostel or guiding accommodation or camp. Do you go sightseeing, or 'adventurous activities'. I've been on several trips to europe as a leader and as a participant, staying in hostels and they were great trips. I'm sure many of the VA type trips to Switzerland are too but I often wonder what the Guides get out of them. Now I don't underestimate the amount of planning and fundraising any trip takes and things go wrong on the best organised which is why sometimes the safety net of a company can be useful, but we shouldn't shy away of trying something new and fresh for ourselves. Maybe look at an international camp as a destination if you don't want to go totally 'off piste'.


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How about the comfort of using a company the first time, while asking your team to be constantly looking out for what you could do yourselves and how it is done, then you can decide whether you would like to run it yourself the second time?