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Taking over a rainbow unit

Just hoping for a bit of advice if any lovely guiders could help...
Me and another mum are becoming new leaders for our local rainbow unit and I was just looking for your best pieces of wisdom in this situation?
With 2 leaders is there a good way of dividing tasks?
Your favourite things you do with your rainbows?
Any advice very welcome :)
Favourite things to do with Rainbows - not too many crafts!!! Don't be drawn into - we need to take something home every week.
Our girls love trails and simple wide games, singing and dancing.
When you say trails do you mean going out and about? Do I need to do the walking scheme/qualification to be able to take them out locally?
Is there a minimum adult/child ratio for going out?
Sorry for all the questions but going out more is definitely on my to do list


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We do various trails indoors and outdoors, we've done street trails where they have to answer questions, scavenger hunts where they have to find things(these can be things they tick off on a sheet). We've done simple wide games in the park and a small local wooded area. We're going den building in the wood before summer too.
We've had a board games night which girls enjoyed... girls brought in games from home.


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My biggest tip with the Rainbow age is train the parents - so think through now whether you want them to help on a rota, how you are going to handle subs and reply slips, etc. If you set up routines now, your unit will run more smoothly. For most parents, this is the first experience of being in a club and they don't know how it all works and what is expected of them.


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Agree with not too many crafts! I've found in the past that if you do 'news' or 'show and tell' at the beginning of the meetings it takes too much time! So we changed it so they only bring something in that they have achieved or made! Good luck! I've done rainbows in the past but just about to open up a new unit!
Crafts are great if they have a purpose - making a Mother's Day or Father's Day card, or a Christmas decoration, or as part of a wider theme such as looking at another country. We looked at New Zealand recently: we found it on a map, we learnt about the Rainbow equivalents in NZ - uniform, names etc, we made sheep using black card and cotton wool balls and we learnt a game that is popular with Girlguiding in NZ. There are only two of us so we need parents for our adventures and usually one or two will offer. Occasionally we have had to cancel when no parent has come forward but we make sure the parents know that the ratios are to keep their daughters safe so if they don't volunteer it is their girls who miss out. We have a couple of excellent Young Leaders who are great for running games whilst we clear up or get things ready and help the girls with crafts, spellings etc, although we would love a Unit Helper just to take the pressure off as we are both working mums and sometimes our days jobs and families get in the way of our Guiding. Our girls love to learn games they don't play at school and they like to do nature and animal related activities. There are some great websites with ideas, as well as this, such as the Woodland Trust's Nature Detectives, activity village and even the Girlguiding website...Keep it simple - it is surprising sometimes how long they will take to complete an activity and have a couple of fillers on standby. Yes. and remind the parents regularly about wearing suitable clothing and footwear...


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We do badges, maybe 3 possibly 4 a year max and girls do enjoy getting them, but it's good for them to learn that they don't always get a badge. Having said that I'm looking forward to new programme with the various badges that will be available to the Rainbows....


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We love doing badges (rainbows and leaders), being outdoors and having a genuine input into the programme planning. We do it by having a discussion on a leader chosen topic as a unit, getting themes and then voting on a short list. The enthusiasm for guiding at this age is fantastic! We split the adult roles each time - but generally I do any shopping as I work in town and the unit leader does the admin (Go, accounts, letters home) for example. I’m also a project manager so have a ‘need’ to do the planning meeting notes, forward planning, date reminders etc. We use WhatsApp to talk to parents too and a separate one for us as leaders to share stuff which is great. Good luck and have fun!