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Taps and Goodnight

Chocolate Moose

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Does anybody sing Taps and Goodnight ? At home, the Guides always sing Taps and sometimes Goodnight, and the Rangers always sing Taps and Goodnight. When I mentioned to the other Guiders at my termtime unit that I have to bite my tongue to stop myself singing the extra bit, none of them had heard of it. I can't find the words or the tune anywhere on the internet.

The words are

May the great father, of us all
Hold us, in his keeping,
and guard us all this night 'til dawn of da-ay
good night

Has anyone else heard this, or is it just us ?!?

ps, I'm not suggesting other people should be singing this, as it is obviously Christian. I'm just wondering if anyone else has / does
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No I've never heard of that. We always sing taps, one of two tunes, and a previous unit I was with used to sing two verses, but that's all.


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It's not a verse of taps, it's a completely different tune; perhaps I didn't make that clear. We sing it attached to the end of 'traditional' taps.
Sorry, didn't get your meaning there. No we just used to finish it by singing "goodnight" - on a count of 2 to each syllable - so slowly in other words.


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Never heard that before. Just taps when I was at Guides and when I help at local units.


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Not heard of it...we just hum Taps a second time passing the squeeze...

Or my old unit did, my new one has actions to taps and then I have to say Guides dismissed...and whoever jumps in the middle first wins....


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We sing one verse of taps and then I say goodnight guides (to which they all say goodnight) and then I say company dismiss and they all jump in to the middle. Not something I started but a bit of a tradition so we do it [=


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We do taps, then each leader (only two of us) salute to say goodnight with guide doing same back and then I pick a PL to do 'company dimiss' which our is (let me get this right) 1 step in, 1 step back, 1 step forward walk off. girls with letters in hands put on floor behind them so they dont stand on.
We just sing taps then we finish by saluting. I then say "good night guides", they reply "good night leaders", then I say "guides fall out". At this the guides take one step in, 2 steps out then go their way.
We sing taps or jazz taps to finish our evening meetings. On holidays we sing daylight taps. While I was in America at Girl Scout camp there were a few other verses that were sung to finish a day but I haven't taught them to my girls yet. I like the words to your verse, what is the tune for it? If it's pos to get that across