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Question? Tasks for new Leaders/Unit Helpers


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So I might have a new volunteer who is interested in joining the unit as a leader/unit helper. She hasnt ever been involved in guiding as an adult or a parent of member but was a guide herself for 2 years about 20 years ago.

The program has been planned around me being the only leader with 3 YL. I.e Next week we are having a rubbish fashion show which will be very girl led with the YL running the games.

What sort of tasks should i be giving her that wount scare her off but make her feel useful and welcome.


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Ask her to just wander round the patrols and chat to the girls as they do their activity, asking if they have everything they need, get to know them a bit. If you have a squash/biscuit break normally ask if she wouldn't mind doing that. Chat to her yourself and discuss future plan and see if she wants to help with any specifics? First week I wouldn't overload her - just relish in that extra pair of hands/eyes.


First week I'd let her stroll around to see what the girls are doing, and take time to explain a little of what's going on - explaining why you are doing things the way you do.


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Good point about edelweiss. The ww2 songs I meant were the cockney / mockney type ones rather than vera lynn ones. They should be ok I think.


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It might seem overload to start with, but explain why you're doing certain things.
She'll come to learn them for herself, with experience and if she goes on to do the LQ. But don't assume everything's obvious ....... it might be obvious to you to take a register, whether a formal roll-call or just ticking off names as they come in, but maybe not to her.

Same goes for your activities ......... explain that the activities you do (pretty much) all link back to a certain element of the programme, or specifically the fashion show is a clause in a badge / GFI (not sure what section you are) etc, but then remember to explain how badges or GFIs or Rainbow roundabouts "fit in".

You wont need to do all that on week one obviously :)
As you're taking in subs, or consent forms for an event, explain why you have a consent form, what other paperwork you might need to do etc etc In doing that, you touch on procedures from Girlguiding, so touching on being part of a bigger organisation. You throw in a Safe from Harm element.

Gradually it'll fall into place that the thing you explained last week now makes sense when I look at what we're doing next week.
Also explain, that whether she remains a UH for ever or chooses to do her LQ, as a team you can choose to split up all the planning, organising & running of meetings however best suits you.

Most of all, look after her & don't scare her away .......... don't scoff sarcastically at the "one hour a week" line, plenty time for her to learn that for herself! Don't rant & rave about how awful you think GO or Join Us is..... don't moan that your DC is no help or that the parents never volunteer :D