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Question? Tea party activities with families?


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Hello all, I've been running my Brownie Pack on my own for just over a year and in a couple of weeks I am having the parents and siblings take part for some badge work. We are having a tea party to celebrate the Queen's Birthday and I have only got a couple of ideas for activities, what would you suggest? We can get the beads out and make jewellery and look on the street map of local area for places named for the Queen, and the girls have suggested "pin the crown on the Queen", but other than that I'm not sure what to do. If I got a few more ideas that I think will go, would you put the activities out with instructions and just let them get on with it? I only have 8 girls so there won't be many there, it's not like I have a big pack! Thanks in advance


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Have a singsong. Finish with the National Anthem.

Quiz, based around the Royal family, the Commonwealth, or another relevant theme.

Map of UK, with crosses to indicate Royal residences. Make labels showing the names of the residences. Match the name to the place (I use cocktail stick flags and a corkboard).

Picture quiz - identity members of the Royal family.

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Also worth bearing in mind that if they have food that may take quite a bit of your meeting time. If you need some more fillers, Activity Village have quite a lot of things relating to the Queen's birthday. There were also quite a number of challenge badges created for the Diamond jubilee. I doubt whether any of them will still have badges but some of the ideas may be worth looking at. If you go to the challenges section at the bottom of the forum and scroll back to 2012 you should find them.( Just had a look, try pages 29 and 30) Good luck with whatever you choose. I'm sure you will have a great evening
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Can they make some table decorations? Corgis are cute, we had them for our tea party, mine were with insulating foam tubes but you can make with toilet paper/kitchen roll tubes as well - they can just be coloured in if you don't want to add a 'coat' as I did. We used them with cocktail stick edible flags (rice paper and cake decorating pens). I'd love to add a photo but can't seem to work out how !! Message me your email address and I can send a photo and template for corgi heads/bottoms :)


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Not really queen related, but when we did our street party, we did biscuit decorating with all the girls and parents... The parents loved it!!


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I like the idea of the sheets for robes and the picture quiz type ideas. All the ideas are great, thanks; I'll keep them for future events.
We've done this sort of thing lots of times and got the Brownies to serve refreshments and organise entertainment. Maybe some royal-themed sketches or plays? Our girls love serving teas and cake and the parents love seeing it too. If you get them to do all the planning it's a great girl-led activity too. You may be surprised how having parents and siblings in takes so much longer to do everything too, so maybe keep some of your activities as 'reserves' just in case you run out of time to do it all.