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Tell me about your meeting place... :)


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So... What does everyone use for their meeting places??

I thought it might be interesting to share. :)

Who owns it? How much room do you have? what storage do you have available? Have any interesting displays/murals etc? If you hire, what does it cost? Do you have a kitchen space? Do you have a fire pit? What outdoor facilities do you have?


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We don't have our own buildings but here goes:

Rainbows: Church hall, 2 boxes in a large cupboard, no displays, not sure on cost, use of 2 halls + kitchen, big field.

Brownies/Guides: Use of School (including: 2 classrooms, sports hall, ICT suite, small kitchen & large cookery room + any outside space) 3 cupboards under sinks in the main classroom we use, but get use of any of the sports or cookery equipment, so they're all over school. Notice board for each section. Free hire, but we're a closed sponsored unit.

Brownies 2: Church hall, 2 large cupboards (could fit about 8 Brownies in each one!) Notice board to display our things. Use of hall + small kitchen. Not sure on cost. Car park and adjoining field


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we meet in a school hall about the size of a badminton court. we can use the school playground and recently have been given some storage space a few drawers so we can store pens paper scissors glue, balls and skipping ropes. we have no kitchen but have access to water. we dont have any display space.
That's impressive Ker-stee.

Rainbows: Primary School, £3.20/hr
We officially hire just the gym hall and playground, but I've a good relationship with the HT so we get free run of the place and use of equipment.
So we can do cooking and use stuff out of the art cupboard (but tend to use our own craft stuff anyway).
Storage wise: shed in playground for sports stuff and small (very slim) cupboards in hall.
Noticeboard, for displays, in hall. This tends to get a bit wrecked as children have PE lessons there and balls etc knock and tear at things.

One downside is the amount of PE equipment kept in the hall, especially when it's a gymnastics block - mats, horses, hoops, boxes etc really encroaches on the already small hall.
Can't complain, the HeadT is fab.


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Our district own two of our own huts

One is a proper brick building, wtih two big storage rooms at the back, two toilets and a small kitchen. We have just had the roof fixed last year, after saving for it since I was a Brownie, and are about to spend £4k on new double glazed pvc windows/doors throughout. we now have damp, and are looking for someone who knows what they are talking about, for as cheaply as possible, to tell us where the heck it's coming from and why. An excuse for the next lot of fundraising taken care of!! It has lots of notice boards all around the room that the different units take charge of. It is well used also for district meetings, trainings etc. We don't rent it out to anyone else outside of Guiding.

The other hall is a small wooden hut, on the edge of a community playing field. It has a toilet and a tiny kitchen, and it's freezing, but least the maintainance costs are a lot lower!! There's only one (Guide) unit that use this one for their weekly meetings though, the rest all meet at the other one (2 Rainbows, 2 Brownies, 1 Guides and 1 Rangers). Rangers use it occasionally in the summer if we want to use the playing field as well.
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Our Guides meets in Large Church Hall that joins on to main Church - access to small outside space with hardstanding and grass. Cupboard big enough for craft stuff, badges etc and basic games equipment - all large stuff (tents etc) in my garage

We have access to kitchen and an annexe room if no one else has booked it - which they very rarely do

£220 per year is the rent


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Our current hall is owned by our local council, but was built for the Girl Guides. It is in a long term hire agreement, managed through Guides, but changes to facilities etc. go through Local gov.

Its a probably 10x25 m hall with wooden floors that are constantly dirty and dusty no matter how much we clean them. There is a kitchen (with fridge, stove/oven and sink) through a door off the side of the hall with a canteen style bench connecting to to the main hall too. There are also male & female bathrooms leading off the hall (no showers for sleepovers though). There is also a "down stairs" (kind of a half level below) storage area that leads off one of the short sides where we store all the shared equipment for the units using the hall including tents, tarps, board games, specialist craft things etc.

Each unit has a large metal cabinets which hold our units "stuff" from resource files, badges tissues, pens, paper textiles general graft supplies etc. There are also other metal cabinets around the the walls (almost all taken up) for other clubs that regularly use the hall. One short wall is taken up with stacks of chairs & tressel(sp?) tables we take out to use as required. Out the front of the building to the right there is a small 6x6m room which we use as our office with printer/copier and which we can access while other groups are using the hall.

The roof is tin with little if any insulation (its always cold for some reason through). We have some ceiling fans but they are too far away to make much of a difference. We are located quite close to the sea, so we get a strong breeze in the afternoons and the sun comes in strong in the late afternoon/evening.

The one large wall without as many cabinets on it has our flags- with 2 static flags and 1 pulley set up for colour ceremonies. There is a road to the front of the hall, a lane down one side which leads to a carpark out the back. We don't necessarily have any outside area of our own, but there is a patch of dirt (where the grass won't grow) between the hall and the lane we can use for games & campfires with 2 large trees (the cause for no grass, too much shade) - a eucalyptus where there is a bee hive and a owl hollow/nest and maybe a fig which the girls love to climb. Behind the car-park there is a small kind of park & playground which we use for bigger activities/games. We have a modern backyard portable fire "pit" which we can use for campfires when there isn't a total fire-ban.


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We use a school hall, have absolutely no storage there can't have diplays in the hall, but the local library is next to the school & the school take the junior classes over there once a week and we can have displays in there a couple of times a year have an amazing relationship with the school pay £0 rent
No cooking facilities but if we ask HT in advance can use the staffroom equip so can melt choc in microwave
Brownies and Guides - school hall access to chairs and tables but they don't like us using them, and have in the past locked the cupboard. Complaint was made and it was all an error! No storage or kitchen use. Grassed area to rear but have to let them know so it can be unlocked


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We opened our fab new Guide House last year after many years fundraising and some large grants. It stands on land donated by the lady who started guiding in our village and is the 3rd hall in the same spot.

Purpose-built, large and small halls, fitten kitchen, toilets, underfloor heating, glass walls on 2 sides (electric shutters), green roof. A lovely space. But unconfortably echoey; we're looking at curtaining and sound-deadening paint!

There are walk-in storage rooms with shelving which are shared by 2 or 3 units, a grassed area, fireplace and car park. Each unit pays £100/term for bills and we are open to hiring by local community organisations.

We are very lucky.


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we hire the large hall that belongs to the church.
if necessary we can sometimes use the small hall. (not good for running games but ok for sitting down for craft of eating party food.) we have a mid sized cupboard in the small room. we are able to use to lovely large kitchen.
we pay £12 a session. no outdoor space though. we now have heating and hot water. ( radiators put in just over a year ago)
no wall space to put up displays


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We meet in a methodist chapel. 2 rooms, one is big enough for about 15, and the other is the main chapel room, so massive, with all the pews shoved to the side.
Rainbows meet in the small room while Brownies are in the big one, and Guides use the big room while Rangers are in the little one.
There is also another room, that we use very occasionally, but tends to have stuff stored in it.
Also a kitchen and 3 toilets.
For storage we have an upstairs area that is shared by all of us, it is right in the eaves, so bit awkward to get to some bits, and the Rainbows and Brownies tend to monopolise the space and leave it a mess.
The Guides/Rangers also have camp store downstairs, whic is basically the boiler room, and we keep all pans, fireplace, pegs, mallets, elsan, gadget wood etc down there.
Then we have an upstairs room which is really little, but is stacked floor to ceiling with canvas and poles
Then we have a really narrow room on the main floor, which is shelved on one side, which has everything in it! Really not a very practical space, cos as soon as something is put on the floor the whole room is unaccessible. Don't think I've seen the back of the room for 5 or 6 years!

All the units pay a donation for using the place.


We have our own District Guide Hall (available for sleepovers!) which consists of a large hall, kitchen with tabletop fridge, cooker and microwave, ladies bathroom, gents/disabled toilet, small meeting room and walk-in store cupboard. There is a grass strip round it which can be used for relay races, and a paved area at the front. Rent is £6/head/term plus lump sum cleaner and gardner fees.


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The Guides and Rangers meet at the British Legion hall in our village. It was the only available hall space when the unit began 5 years ago!

We have a large (Very grand, with chandeliers!) main hall with ample tables and chairs. It has a bar (Sadly not stocked) at one end with curtains you can shut to hide it off, we leave it open but the curtains are perfect for unit plays!
Also there is a kitchen which is quite randomly equipped - fantastic oven, about a million tea pots - but no mugs! Joining the kitchen is a dining room.
There is a huge car park and a big field on the back. They don't mind us bbq-ing out there in the summer either.

Sadly there is absolutely no storage and we can't promote ourselves due to the lack of a notice board, also its a bit in the wrong place within the village to get any passing trade. That said the units are always very full!

The Guides have two units meeting on the same night and have the whole run of the hall for the first half of the meeting and then the Rangers take the dining room later on.
This huge space and having it for three hours per week only costs £10 per night - total bargain. We can also extend the booking within reason for District events such as discos and Thinking Day.

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We use a church hall, we have two rooms and a hall plus two smaller rooms if we need them, we have access to a kitchen, no outdoor space as we only have a car park and are on a main road, we don't pay anything and each of our sections have their own display board :)


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We're in church hall too (for the moment- the halls are costing the church a lot to maintain so there's ongoing talks happening about converting the church into a flexible space, and selling the land the hall is built on).

We've got one massive hall downstairs, access to a brilliant kitchen, and also a small room for the SS to meet in. We meet at the same time as the Men's Club, otherwise there's two other halls upstairs too.

We've got two large cupboards for storage, in a room where all the organisations store their stuff. Brownies and Rainbows use the same hall as us on a Friday, and also sometimes use the upstairs hall too. We've got hooks fitted at the side of the stage to store our flagpole, which has it's own slot in the hall for our use.

We're incredibly lucky with out space. Because we all attend the church (in terms of the Guiders), we've got pretty much free reign in what we do, and a lot of freedom when it comes to accessing facilities in the hall (provided we tidy up after ourselves - otherwise the cleaner gets on our cases on Sunday for leaving the kitchen in a mess!). I've run Guides in other places where the halls were owned by "other people" and it was so much more difficult to find storage/access facilities.


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Guides - we meet in a school, where we have hte dining room, then once the Brownies go we have school hall too, so running round games have to wait for the end of the meeting. We don't have access to cooking facilities, unfortunately. We can use the school field in summer, and we've got woods right over the road. We have one metal cupboard for storage, which isn't enough so any bigger things live at one of the guider's houses. We did have more space before, as the cupboards went in the changing rooms, and we were allowed a trunk / to put stuff on top, but then they refurbished that, and we now have to have the cupboards in the school corridor. We don't pay any rent as Staffordshire County Council don't charge any youth groups using schools.

SS - we are in the small room of the district's hall. We don't have loads of space, but as they are SS they're not as bothered about running round etc. We do have a kitchen there, and outside space where we can have a fire. We also have a decent sized cupboard for storage. I have no idea what the rent is on that one!


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we have a joint owned scout and guide hut, built as a cafe in the 20's, used as a temporary morgue in the 2nd WW, (airport up road was a target as was the factory building planes next door, had sheep painted on the roof) never had a dead body knowingly in the building though (only mice and rats) and then reverted to a scout/guide hut after the war, was in use pre-war until requisitioned. It has a large cold cellar (hence being requisitioned for a morgue) 2 downstairs rooms for small meetings, a large main hall, a rubbish tiny kitchen, and a front room which is neither use nor ornament, 2 loos, but space limited hence I want to cap unit at 30, but if from September I introduce a BP patrol and then make them meet in front room, we'll fit the rest in the main hall.