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Tell me about your meeting place... :)


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built as a cafe in the 20's
Guessed from the style it could be 20s built, but always assumed it was always a scout and guide hut. It's a really weird shape, so long and thin. I'm assuming thats cos of the shape of the plot that could be born, and being on a main road "shop" frontage is expensive, so a lot of buildings on main road are thin and deep, but you just notice it more with your building cos it's detached.


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Rainbows use of a main school hall a shelf in a cupboard for storage although its slowly being taken over by a playgroup and we hire from our local council but i dont know what it costs.

Brownies is the same as rainbows and we also have use of the school kitchen, classrooms if needed, the playground, the small footy pitch but there is also a play field near by.

guides. we have the use of an old church hall that was gifted to the village and we don't pay for hire. it has its own garden with veg patch, quite a large kitchen, masses of storage. it has stain glass windows, a piano and some old carved furniture


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The sheep she was referring to was up at the airport just up the road, and actually the building my hubby works in. Don't think the sheep are on there any more.
Some were painted on, and others were models that were moved around.
Off to google earth that now :)

Google earth shows that the building no longer has a grass coloured roof, and there are no sheep anymore either


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we meet in a church hall, its a fairly good size hall fully carpeted.
we have a kitchen with 2 ovens microwave 2 sinks fridge etc.
2 toilets 1 is a disabled loo

We have a very long but not so deep or tall cupboard, and a large notice board. We dont pay any rent.

There is only paying parking around us which is a pain as many girls travel a distance to us being the only weekend unit in the county.

The hall does suffer from damp too.

We have a medium sized garden area outside but this is also a public through way.

Id love to move the unit to the local unitarian chapple but they are unable to offer us storage space and so Id be left unsure where Im ment to keep the units equipment


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In our district we all meet in Primary Schools. Rainbows and Brownies in 2 of the schools do not pay any rent and have the use of the hall and field only - no kitchen/staff room although they can take their own microwaves in or camp stoves for cooking. All the equipment has to go home and is stored in sheds/garages/spare rooms.
The Rainbows and Brownies at the 3rd school pay a donation to use the hall and eating area, plus the field and large playground. The donation is usually £50 a year. For that we get storage of six boxes, use of the kitchen, 2 halls and the field. When we have district events we usually use the 3rd school because it is bigger and the hall easily accomodates the whole district and we pay a donation to use it - usually around £30 but it all depends on how well off the ditrict and units are at the time.


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We meet in a school hall. We have no cooking facilities or storage, thou the rainbows do have a shed, but wont let us use it, so means we have to bring everything every week

At Christmas and Easter time the school put on school plays, which means we have to put with a stage being up for quite a few weeks, which means the room gets halved, and we struggle to play very energetic running around games. The most annoying thing is we still get charged the same.


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Rainbows: A community centre (ex council run, some funding from them still, but now run/managed by a comittee of people in the community). Built 1990s I think, so warm, insulated, dry etc.

Rent 50p per participant per meeting (no charge for leaders).Has 1 large hall, 1 small meeting room, kitchen, foyer with coathooks, toilets. Small paved outdoor space with gate to both that we can padlock.
Each hirer is responsible for cleaning up after their meeting, eg wiping any tables used, sweeping the floor of glitter/compost/food crumbs etc but the centre also employs a cleaner (once a week I think) for the general stuff.

Rainbows have sole use during our meetings. Our Rangers meet in the same place, but just hire the meeting room, while a yoga class uses the main hall. Brownie and Guide units also meet there, but the Guides (big hall) share with another group using the meeting room).


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Rainbows- Church hall, 2 small ish rooms and kitchen use. £6 a week (for an hour and quarter meeting)
Brownies- Classroom use- not ideal, looking for somewhere else, not enough room for games etc, tiny kitchen, no where to keep anything but can use pe equipment and field. costing us £12 a week for hour and half meeting
Rangers- Church hall- large room, and large ish kitchen, great meeting place, own cupboard, one of the leaders is a member of the church attached and we get it at a very discounted rate to normal at £25 per term. Also small garden but big enough for us and stage if we need it


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Does anyone else run 2 units in the same room at the same time?

We have our rainbow and brownie equivalents both starting at 4:30 together with the rainbows finishing at 5:45 and brownies at 6:15. This means it can get really noisy and distracting if one unit is doing something fun and the other is meant to be concentrating. We use outside as much as when can, but when the weather is 35°+, or its rainy or excessively windy- its not really possible. We have tried using movable pin up board as dividers which helps, but doesn't cut the noise.

It limits the number of girls each unit can take at once- due to space and noise. Will have the biggest group in a while starting next week with 12 rainbows and 30 brownies + ~9 leaders


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Does anyone else run 2 units in the same room at the same time?
Yup, Brownies and Guides! Depends on what we're doing though as quite often Guides will sit in a smaller classroom or the ICT suite, but if we're doing something crafty Guides will sit in the same large classroom as the Brownies just at a different set of tables


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We use the church 'centre'. It's got a nice mid-sized room with a lovely big kitchen :D We can use the oven, all equipment, it's brill. We have about 15 Brownies so it works quite well. There is a smaller room we sometimes have to use (there was a blood giving thing going on so we had to use it, for example) but we can only really do crafts in there.

We have a little cupboard with four shelves which are crammed to the brim (and you have to use a stepladder to get anything from it!). Our notice board is shared by the church group. Originally it was entirely theirs (nominally ours as well!) so GiC decided to stuff it and we just moved half of their stuff :p


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brownies - a large school hall with access to microwave and kettle and sink ( providing we don't go within 10 metres of breakfast club stuff or risk a grumpy email)
A large playing field and wildlife area in summer with a pond too if we want to go pond dipping.
We have a large cupboard for storage, that I have been meaning to tidy out for longer than I can remember, but never get round to it
Sounds ideal, but is £28.50 a session, and low numbers at the moment mean it is costly


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Our hut/hall is owned by the council (to the best of my knowledge) and used by four sections of Guiding (Rainbows to SS) and three sections (at least) of Scouting. Used by some of the other local groups occasional who get asked for donations.

The Scouting and Guiding groups pay 'rent' of £111.00 per term. The Scouting sections get to use a storeroom downstairs that's locked and Guiding side can't access. Same as the Guiding units - we've got a locked room that we can use upstairs!!!

The Guider's room - my two unit's have got one wall that we've got cupboards that we use. Brownies have the biggest store area and Rainbows slightly smaller. Guides have a corner cupboard that the Guider uses as well as a stack of plastic boxes per patrol. I think she keeps the SS section stuff with the Guide stuff. Also as the Guide leader takes her section camping, in the eaves (between the wall and roof) she keeps her camping gear as well as in the attic above the Guiders' room. General rule between me and the Guide Guider (as we both run two units) is that my units don't go into her stuff and vice versa. If we want to borrow or use something then we ask.

My main Brownie cupboard is nice and big with sliding doors that I've got working again after a few years of getting stuck (thanks to WD40). That reminds me need to spray a bit more on. As I took over the unit a year ago, I've finally managed to get round to sorting it all out.

Also go use of the main room, which has a wooden floor, also a kitchen and toilets. We can use the building for sleepovers and also have open days without any extra charges. Just need to 'book' the hall by putting it on the calendar/message on the main noticeboard. Each unit has it's own noticeboard as well. I'm in the process of doing up both of my units' noticeboards.

I run both of my units on the same night back to back with a 15 minute break in the middle. Well should rephrase that to 15 minutes to hand back the Rainbows and check that I've got everything down before the Brownies start arriving. Always have at least one girl who arrives early!!! I don't even bother thinking about making myself a hot drink!!! Also works out at 2.5 hours worth of meetings, plus set up/put away time and the 15 minutes on one night!!


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Don't know a lot, as only a YL, but Rainbows, Brownies and Guides meet in a church. Because it's at the same time, Brownies have the coffee lounge, and Rainbows have back room one, and then we share the hall and kitchen, but we can also use the second back room. Everyone shares a large cupboard big enough for everything and about 10 people and a stack of tables. We also all have a cupboard in the kitchen for cups/juice, and I know Guides put their tents in the loft. We all have a display each too. Small outside yard with some grass and paving.

Rangers meet in a Church where we have the upstairs average sized room with chairs, tables and sink if there isn't a meeting going on. If there is, we have the nursery room with tiny chairs and tables. We also always have kitchen acsess. We don't have any storage, displays or outside space (except from room for car parking)

Woah, I never actually reallised how much difference there was until I wrote that...