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Tell me about your meeting place... :)


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Didn't mention our outdoor space. We have space for about 5 cars, but as guide and ranger leaders we never get to use them cos they are always full of rainbow and brownie leader, also some concrete, suitable for trangias but not open fires. Also 2 small grass areas, one just big enough to get a ridge tent on, and the other with a flower bed right in the middle. Cos the chapel enters the village in bloom competition (and wins prizes) we have to be careful of flower beds, and not put big wooden pegs and gadget wood holes in the lawn too close to judging day. Generally we go up in the woods or down to the local scout campsite for outside space.


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We meet in a school that most of the girls go to for Brownies. We have one large hall and it has a decent sized cupboard. There is not very much outside space and no access to cookers or fridges or noticeboards.

In my last unit we met in a huge church hall with a very small cupboard but outside grounds and access to a cooker and noticeboards.


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We meet on a british army camp in germany...we have our own building which was given to us. I geuss it was a spare building no longer needed for army stuff! We have two massive rooms one used mainly for sports and games, the other with tables and chairs and a big carpeted area, there are then two smaller classroom sized rooms with chairs and tables. Kitchen facilities arent great but we have outside space for making campfires/barbecues. Our storage is a mish mash of army issued wardrobes converted with shelves in them...ugly but free! And being inside the wire means its super secure when it comes to doing stuff outside on the camp, or even having camp outs. Nothing is more than a 2 minute drive away...naffi, med centre...and an armed guard on the gate!!


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Our Rainbows, Brownies and Guides meet at a local church with a large hall (with traditional stage, but its out of bounds for girls coz Barn owl is a meany and is thinking of H & S, except for plays, drama, fashion shows etc) we have access to four other rooms of good size also if not being used by others. Large kitchen off main hall so cooking activities are no probs. Storage is fantastic (esp since I tackled the scouts and told them I needed more room too, never mind all their camping stuff we have equipment too!). We have a walk in room in which we have two large cupboards (think very large wardrobe size) and shelf space (6 large shelves) and also an office cabinet in another room. (we have filled all this, how I dont know!)

The best bit is no rent! I appreciate Im really lucky that way! But we are expectd to attend church parade once a month (for 10 months of year not in July and Aug). This gets tricky trying to get the girls to attend and tell them its expected of them if we want to continue to get hall for free. Also we have to help fundraise for the church.

The only down side? Outside space is two car parks (one over small road and one down road. So outside activities tend to get planned in Summer at our local fab park instead.


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My Rainbows meet at a Scout Hut (not sure how old it is, the unit is almost 100yrs old but the building came along sometime after). We meet at the same time as Brownies so they get the main hall and we get the small back room which is about 9m x 10m which means we have to really limit our numbers! It is also the same room that's used by Explorers so the floor is often covered in mud/leaves/etc and there's been numerous things just left in there (recent things i've moved - 12 bikes, ladders, tents, exercise bike, dart board) so i always have to arrive early to make sure it's safe/clean for Rainbows. We have a metal cabinet in the waiting room bit which provides good storage (even though it's a bit of a mess). There's a small car park but we do say for leaders/disabled only as it'll get grid-locked otherwise, plus you have to take a bridge over the brook to get to us! We do have a large grass field at the back and there's separate storage for outdoorsy games which all units which meet at the hut share. There is a kitchen but it's a bit old and tatty looking, no hot water and i don't dare attempt to use the oven! We have a little notice board in our room (but all notice boards in the room are done at 'arty' angle's so nothing ever looks straight on it!) and another part of one in the main corridor which all parents can see. Now the complicated bit, rent, we pay £25 per girl registered on census/subscription per year split over three payments, so this year is £250 for the year as we had 10 girls with us last month.
Now my Senior Section have recently moved, we are now in a great church hall type building. We meet at the same time as Guides so they get the big hall and we get the side room. But it's great for us, must be about average classroom size, with loads of comfy chairs and coffee tables. We just have to swap rooms if we're doing anything messy! Lovely new big kitchen, clean toilets, secure area, decent car park, not sure about outdoor space yet though or storage and rent. Our old meeting place was another Church, SS and Guides had to move the pews around every week, there was a tiny kitchen with only a sink and kettle in, we shared one room (different ends), cold floor, church people got annoyed about tiny bits of dirt/fluff/glitter, prone to vandals, one old toilet - however did have a outdoor space at the back we could use. Our old church had the 'Lady Chapel' we occassionally met in if we wanted somewhere away from Guides, however it could only just fit us in (if not everyone turned up) and meant we were sitting on the floor, now in the new building we can fit all the SS in the toilet! The old kitchen could probably fit about 3 people in, the new one could fit 20+ guides in. Shows how much meeting places can vary!


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We meet in a church hall. Main room approx 20'x45', kitchen, toilets. Electric heaters, buzzing lights, and a small cupboard between us, the rainbows and the Guides.
It's £6 per hour, which is the cheapest venue in town.


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We meet in a church room (it's a United reform church, so not a church in the traditional sense). I'd say the room is approximately 15mx15, and we have access to that, the entrance hall and toilets. We have 2 large locked cupboards in the entrance hall and have access to 2/3 tables and chairs if we need them. There is also a kind of low stage area which is handy for performances etc. Not sure how much it is though. Only negative is that we don't have a kitchen/cooking area so can't do any foody-making activities that require cooking, apart from smores over tea lights!


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We have our own guide hut. And I would describe it as a typical guide hut. But then the guide/scout hut in our town look like this but I have no idea if that's what guide huts look like nationwide.
So the easiest way was to post the street view version of our hut from google maps:

And people can tell me whether this is the type of thing they expected?



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Wow, it looks lovely! All that outdoor area is purely yours? Most access to outdoor areas that our units have are community parks or reserves, so we can't technically camp, have campfires, plant anything etc. and there are often other people or groups (soccer etc) around

From here I'd say that is what I'd expect of a hall/hut- it would look like most in Australia, except older.


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Yep that outdoor space is ours too. Its great in the summer if the weather behaves itself. We can't camp out there though. Its too close to a main road etc.
But its ours. It doesn't look that tidy today. Not sure the lawn has been cut all winter so its looking a bit battered :)
I visited a guide unit in Launceston, Tas when I was last in Australia. (My aunt lives there). And there hall had a similar feel to it I have to say.


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Ooh what an interesting conversation!

I confess to only having skim-read the last couple of pages but I bet none of you can say you meet in an alcohol-selling make-shift pub! It's part of the village hall and there's an old law going back to the time of the Irish navvies that says we're not allowed a 'Pub' in the village, and it still stands. So they've done up the small room in the hall in a pub style.

There's a much larger hall we use for games but Chess Club (loads of old men being quiet) meet there the same time as Rainbows, and all the tables are in the small room which is big enough usually for us, and the rent is cheaper, so that is where we meet. Only one Rainbow has ever asked me directly 'is this a pub?' and the drinks are all locked behind the bar anyway so it doesn't bother us normally. I have wondered about the long-term effect of this in terms of when the DC randomly wanders in, the image it has on the outside-world...


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I love it ! Since pretty much only people from your village will have their girls meeting in the not-a-pub and they all understand the context and are probably ok with it, I think it makes perfect sense. Its not like they are likely to go to the national media going, "my brownies meet in a pub and I think its unacceptable" so it can be taken out of context and become a big issue. It will make it more memorable for the girls in 30 years time too.


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Brownies at uni
Church hall
No idea how much
We have a large hall with loads of space and 3 cloak rooms off it
A well equipped kitchen which we can use as long as we clean it
A fellowship room wher we can do parents met
Stings etc but other groups occasionally use it
Grass garden area fenced in
Storage space we have half a large walk-in cupboard off the hall and another small one upstairs

Brownies at home
Village memorial hall
Again don't know the rent
Large hall
Ok kitchen but not equipped so have stuff from ak vouchers
No outside space but we're opposite the park and we have permission from parents to use it whenever
Storage we have 2 decent size cupboards off the hall


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We meet in the Church hall, rent £50 a term. We have a 'back room' which is useful for the BP guides, a main hall space & a small outside area. We also have a kitchen but have t provide own cooking equipment. There is a fairly good size carpark. There is a stage, chair, tables, 2 x toilets (1 male) We now have a stand a lone cupboard in the 'back room' not as big as we'd need or like but at least it is something. We share the hall with the nursery school as well as the other Brownie, guide & ranger units.


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Thats the only downside of our hall is there is nowhere to park. So we have parents leaving cars all over the place, which drives the local residents mad Im sure.


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We meet in church hall, traditional large room with fold away tables and chairs, the rainbows meet downstairs in the smaller carpeted hall, and the Guides start off their too before coming up to big hall when we've finished. There is a small grass area outside which we don't like to use as it's so well kept. There is a kitchen just off the hall which we use for cooking activties. We pay a donation for the use of the hall. Problems though our storage is minimal (green eyed monster BB have several huge walk in cupboards, we have one tiny space for the 3 groups). Heating the hall is always freezing in the winter, we actually got into trouble for turning on the heating, and cleanliness. We always leave it cleaner than we find it.