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Thank you loverly ladeeeeez


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I'm sorry, I forgot to sign your cards :(

Thank you for organising a fabbo weekend Dawny, Gadget, Slice and Dollypip - you did a top job! :D

Loving your work!

I :heart: butter pies!

Cap'n Gaerlick

Captain Gaerlick of 1st Gaerlick Guide
I agree - thanks to the Organisers - Great weekend. Thanks to Ellen and Dolly (***) for all the cooking and the chat.

Thanks all who attended - You made my first G2G an experience I am never likely to forget and that is just the way i want it.

Hey God - I am so glad we managed to escape from the sweat shop!!!!!

and Dolly *** You are brilliant
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I have not laughed so much in ages, so much fun thanks to slice, gadget, dawn, Sam and the legendary dolly!
Can't wait for another one!
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Thanks for a great weekend ladies. I wish that I could laugh more often as much as I did this weekend! You are all legends!


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*** Dolly, you are mean! Right but mean :D

That is from both of us, Compo is in the Tawnydome.
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