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Thank you


Hi all

Thank you to all 50 who came to the biggest G2G.

It was an excellent weekend, glad to hear that all the activities went well and heard that you may have caught up with the badges sewing on the blanket (I only managed ONE!)

Glad that the geocaching route went well, shame there isn't a photo to proof that some crawled underneath the barbed wires and I'm really pleased to find all 11 caches but loved Postman Pat!

Thank you to everyone and I've got a message from Gilly (the chief warden) to say that we were all fantastic and that the campfire was great last night - he will never shut up about TJ and Gaelic-Girl now with all the giggles we had last night!

Well done to the other organisers especially Jellycan and Mazi for the food etc and to Kerstee, Katz and Crazychilly.

I look forward to the next G2G.


Yorkie! ;)

Crazy Chilly

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Thanks go to you too Yorkie. It was a great weekend.

Big thanks to Jelly and Mazi in particular and also others who helped out in the kitchen cooking our meals. Much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone for coming and some of you travelled a fair distance to join us in Yorkshire.

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and got home safely.
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A huge thank you to the organisers for running such a wonderful weekend! Thank you to everyone for putting up with me and The Squeak. It was my first G2G and I loved it and loved getting to chat to you all!


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Thank you for a great weekend. Yorkie, the geocaching walk was lovely - liked the magnetic nut, postman pat and the stick.


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So glad you all enjoyed it! I've JUST got back to my uni house (And beleive me, I would MUCH prefer to be with you guys!)


Glad to hear that you're home safe now Kerstee.... wonders who is still on route to go home???

Gosh I need to wake up!!! I'm dozing off after another bottle ............ OH has made comments about the number of empty bottles outside my house!!!!


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Thank you for everyone who came. I can't believe 50 lovely people came to play out in the yorkshire sunshine this weekend! :)


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I would also like to thank you for my pressies!

None chocolatey sweeties...
a pink pen...
a a travel journal (I was going to buy one last week)

AND a duck watering can! (Which caused much entertainment on the way home as it wouldn't fit in any other bag so when I was paying in the station the logical things was to put it on the counter... cue lots of giggles from the man behind the counter... and me replying 'don't ask!')