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Thank you


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diolch yn fawr iawn pawb thanks so much everyone!

Gutted I couldn't have been there the whole weekend but hey ho I'll just have to come to the next one!!!


Oh yeah thank you for the notebook, pen and sweeties - cheeky parents have eat some of them! lol
think my presents are still in the garage....... wait till morning as I just chucked everything (well me and kerstee did) into the garage as I've to get things ready for the next adventure............ lette - you ready??????

Right I'm off to have a good nights sleep but at least I'll have a lie-in too as no school tomorrow :)
thank you to one and all for the fab time i had

i do feel that i should have an award for the most motorways covered in a day (homeward bound) M62, M60, M56, M6, M5

and i have to say your slip roads are as long and very much like a duel carraige way down here ! lol

took just over 7 hours to get home

heres to the next one
we kinda got into the wrong lane on the M60 ring road lol

but we had fun and i to see some more of the world i didnt know was there

you will be please to know i found the map and OMG i traveled a long way lol

i will never stand in the middle off a serive station and say WHERE AM I !!!! oh it was fun


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We went a different way home - not a huge difference when you look at the map, but considering the traffic was in our favour and we made it home in 3½ hours which included a refreshment stop, I don't mind the difference!


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A huge thank you to the organisers for running such a wonderful weekend! Thank you to everyone for putting up with me and The Squeak. It was my first G2G and I loved it and loved getting to chat to you all!
I think your squeaking at the campfire was very well timed!

Thank you everyone, i had an ace time, met all you lovely ladies (and boys!!) and had a ball!

p.s. thank you to jellycan and mazi and everyone who helped make our food! Very nice :) xx


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Thanks to everybody who was organising, I had so much fun at my first G2G & my blanket made it to it's very first real campfire!

I enjoyed the scenic route on the way home, Zeberdee & I must have looked like 2 old ladies on the M-ways home; her knitting & me sewing on badges!

Thanks to Wren & Zeberdee for their driving & making a very swift journey home. Back at work now wishing I wasn't.

See you all again very soon I hope.


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Good morning all.....got home at half 10 last night so a tad late to post after getting a shower and going to bed so thought I'd save it for now. Thank you all so so much for a fantastic weekend, especially to the organisers - must have been a lot of hard work and the food was fantastic.

Yorkie, thanks for the geocaching, you got me hooked now!! Away to visit the site shortly to catch up on our logs.

The journey home was very long but very entertaining - brilliant road trip with Susi and Sly, weird but funny bus drivers (one hippy, one nutcase), a bunch of taxi drivers having a scrap at Aberdeen train station and last but not least a hen party on the train back to Keith!

Do I win the prize again for the longest journey home again?? :D


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I am GUTTED I missed the Geocaching. I didn't realise you'd gone until about 3pm. I will be popping over to the site & see if I can't friend some of you though now!


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I had a blast
loved my SHower Buddy I think the chap withthe long hair and beard from the service crew thought we were up to no good lol
thank u ladies and Jim for a fantastic weekend