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Thank you


Need to go get myself a GPS, there are loads and loads of caches around my area to go find! :)
Do you have GO Outdoors? Apparently they're advertising same as mine for £58 but can't find the dates on the magazine think it's sometime in May!

Just browse around on the internet although I know Amazon is selling http://www.amazon.co.uk/Garmin-eTre...V0CE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1303127903&sr=8-1 so not bad price there either.... normally they are around £98!!!!

I'm now hooked.... am planning to do more over the next two weeks with the boys.


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Adding my thanks too - sorry I left early, a bad combination of lack of sleep combined with sitting around (I can cope fine on very little sleep if I'm rushing around), not being very good around people drinking a lot (combination of a bad experience with my brother 8 years ago and things I witnessed at Uni at about the same time - nothing personal but it just makes me really anxious about what might happen now - I do drink regularly, just a glass or two and I don't object to others drinking, it's just been ages since I've been around people drinking quite a bit and so my anxiety hasn't been 'triggered' for a while) and having lots to do at home and I was just feeling bad that sitting sewing on badges and chatting, whilst lovely, wasn't in anyway going to help with the sale of our house, and that's what we desperately need to get our lives back on track.

So when I got home I had a shower and then a good sleep and spent yesterday in the garden creating a whole new flower bed and planting it up and doing a few other bits and it looks fab and I feel much happier about things and ready to tackle a few more bits this week.

It was lovely to meet everyone/see people again and thanks to all the organisers.


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Just want to re-iterate my thanks really. Had a great weekend meeting everyone. Loved crate stacking! My house was still standing when I got home and was not even too messy. The children were both in one piece and didn't seem to have noticed my absence at all! So I shall have weekends away more regularly now!


i cant find it on the website, i want to go and look for it :(
Very long story............. I had put this on geocaching website and got an email back very quickly to say it's on scout campsite - I had said NO - it's on public footpath and then realised it had broken the rule because of this "Our general guideline for cache saturation is that caches should be at least 528 feet/161 meters/ 0.1 miles apart" so I've had to retrieve it tonight as went back to BW to drop DS1 off for Explorers!

Have got an idea where I can hide it and hopefully will get a magnet for it this time! So I'm hunting around to buy some magnet - possibly a small snail so I'll keep you informed of where I'll put it and may need a witness!!!


I had a blast
loved my SHower Buddy I think the chap withthe long hair and beard from the service crew thought we were up to no good lol
thank u ladies and Jim for a fantastic weekend
Told David this tonight and he had a laugh and was talking about the shower gel!!!! :)


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Yorkie I saw some fab fake grass on a site for hiding caches in. Will look for a link later it was quite ingenious


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I'm late in doing this but it doesn't mean that it's not sincere, it means I've not been on the computer for a whole week!!!!!

Thank you to all of the organising team and every one else at G2G7 for a fab weekend!!!! xxxxx See you next time