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Thank you


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I'm obviously the first back online!

I just wanted to say thank you to Jayjay, Alli, Han & Smartie for all their effort and i'm looking forward to seeing the DVD.


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Can I second that! Attached is a pic of the naughty step, I told you I was good, see, it's han who is the bad girl.....:whip:

Gadgie in full picture taking/standing on the bench/giggling mode



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Thanks for a fabby weekend ladies!

It was lovely to see you all again and meet lots of new faces!!!

It took half the time to get home!!! (and less petrol!!!) So the building must have moved a good few miles up north while we were there :D (teehee)


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Thanks for a really good weekend - very well organised of course.
Also a BIG thank you to brown.owl for the lift to Woking.
Great to see you all and heres to G2G3!!!!!!!!!:):):)
I had a really great time, it has been wonderful to put names/usernames to faces! Thank you Alli, Jay Jay, Han and Smartie for your organisation, it was all fab!
Really looking forward to G2G3 already.

Cheers everyone

P.S Alli, can you smell something burning??!!


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thanks from me too! Was lovely to meet you all and find out that you're real people! :D Plus I now have more badges, so my camp blanket can look slightly less pathetic ;)


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
i think il pass dolly.... not sure i like the idea of guiders clap.... lol!!!! sounds painful!!!lol!!
thank u guys for enjoyin it and for the ace pressies.... i love my gnome.... i hav far2many badges2sew on ...i hav11!!! lol!! thank u for a great wkend guys!!!
and also thank u all for not moanin at us!!! :)


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Yes thank you for the sneaky presents guys!
...handcuffs...well it proves you know me!

And a thanks to the other three who were great to work with!