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Thanks - it was a fun weekend!


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Fab weekend too, hope we didn't wake too many people up when we left!
Us leaving was followed by the 'late crowd' going to bed.....


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Fab weekend too, hope we didn't wake too many people up when we left!
Us leaving was followed by the 'late crowd' going to bed.....
:eek: we waited up for you to say goodbye!

*huggles* to Dizzy and Raow, was a lovely weekend, and the trip to the beach was brilliant!



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My first g2g and I loved all of it and I've got my very first necker :) :)

Big thanks to dizzy and raaowdot .... and to everyone, what a nice bunch you are !


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Thanks Dizzy and Raaww for a fab weekend. And the late-nighters for being lovely when I felt ill.

It was lovely to meet everyone, I'm very glad I didn't chicken out!


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DIOLCH YN FAWR Thanks Dizzy and Mike for organising a great weekend!!!

Very enjoyable for my first trip meeting 'stranger's and I hope we all see each other again soon :)


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I've come back with a cold too! Thanks for a great weekend - my youngest has stolen my sheep hat already - she slept all night with it on!!


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I feel fine apart from the aches, pains and cooking burns... so don't blame the grub! ;-)

Thank you everyone for such a great weekend. Never been away before on a Guiding thing and you all made it very enjoyable. Thanks to everyone one helped out.

I know have my first guiding necker and hoody (although Lisa wore it most of the time!). Will start a camp blanket now. Think I have some way to go before it's as impressive as brown.owl's.

Really good to put some faces to the usernames, you were all so nice. Will find it easier modding you now though as I now know who the trouble makers are!! Instant ban for posting any videos from Saturday night!!! lol
Thanks Dizzy & Rawa.
You did a great job.
Mike I cant believe you moved house with a pregnant woman and did this all in one week, you deserve a medal.
Thanks to everyone who brought along crafts they were great.
Sorry to miss the end but getting people to the station on time was important. Everything seemed fine when we got there so I don't know why it was we heard there was a problem with the trains.
Hope everyone got home safely.


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But you now know full well that none of the moderators are trouble makers in the slightest ;)......


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oh yes... we mods are such lovely perfect people!!! oh and there will be a reward of any videos posted on fb!!! :D i won't let mike ban you! :D