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The Paddington Bear™ Challenge‏


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Please find attached the Paddington Bear™ challenge!

Raising funds for Action Medical Research for Children and Broadstairs Senior Section.

The challenge badge is all-sections. Order form attached and we anticipate badges will be available shortly.

Please do fill in the order form and send via post with a cheque - the first batch of badges that arrive will be sent on a 'first come first served' basis.

Please direct any questions to broadstairsseniorsection@hotmail.co.uk

Many thanks




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did you write to the publisher and get consent to use Paddington's image etc? Just interested as looking at doing our own challenge badge and people have raised the copyright issue?!


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I guess because Paddington is used by the charity and it's being done in conjunction with a charity it was allowed? As compared to running a badge to self/ unit fund where IT may be harder to gain premission.


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In this challenge it says to play kwick cricket which our Rainbows would love to play.
But. Please can someone refresh the rules to me and what equipment is needed. Thanks!!

Jane Thin

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Our badges arrived on Friday - many thanks.... they are lovely (although a tiny bit bigger than expected) and the girls are going to LOVE them!


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I did it with my Rainbow unit!! They LOVED it.

My favourite bit was our teddy bears picnic and the girls trying honey and marmalade after they told me in no uncertain terms that they WOULD NOT try it because I DONT LIKE IT.