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the promise in other languages- needed asap


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I am part of girl guiding New Zealand and one of the things my girls need to do is to learn a promise that is not in english and i am struggling to find any resources to help with this. does anyone know the words and the translation of any girl guides/girl scout promises that are in another language other than english? would also be good if there was a video as i don't speck another language so trying to teach the girls would be a bit hard.

thanks you


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Sounds like an interesting challenge! :)

There's lots of info on the WAGGGS website including the promises of lots of member states - click on the country names at the bottom to see the different country pages: https://www.wagggs.org/en/our-world/

Words and translations are included for loads of countries. No videos, but google translate has a great feature that will read aloud in the original language if you copy and paste the promises (https://translate.google.com/ or there's also an app for smartphones).