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Traditional Activities Instructions


I regularly get requests (direct and indirect) for instructions on topics like flag ceremonial, shelter building, gadget making, backwoods cookery, and all sorts of similar topics - and rather than just answer queries individually, I thought it might be useful to gather the answers together into a pack. If I were to create a a pack with instructions for activities of this sort - could people suggest what topics they would like to see covered?

(Please don't flood the thread with "I'd like a copy" requests at this early stage - it may take many months before I find the time to do it, if I ever do, so we're nowhere near that stage yet!)


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There was a pack based on the traditions of guiding badge which Chris tozar put together. I baught mine at Foxlease a few years ago so it may not still be available.


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I have uploaded a lot on traditions of brownies already onto the files section of this site - so it would be useful to have a look at that and make additional packs that compliment what is already provided.

I could also sort out putting the Traditions of Guiding - Guide section pack on as well which covers a lot.


That would be fine, as most of the topics suggested to date don't feature in the traditions badges - could ensure they complement.


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Campfire skits? I haven't seen any done for a while, but then i do Brownies so don't go to Guide campfires.

I may suggest one for the Brownies campfire this autumn.