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Transport thread


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um I'm coming from Llanelli have absolutely no clue if I pass anything or anywhere useful but have got space in my car if it helps anyone with better geographical knowledge than me :) I know it's about an hour from here


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Does anyone have any directions? When I first searched for it on googlemaps it seemed to be just off the Culvehouse roundabout, tried again last week and couldn't find it anywhere. There doesn't appear to be any on the website.


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Give a girl chance, been running a BP Adventure this weekend.

Here's the directions from the M4, postcode for Sat Navs and the local train station (Will be easier for people to collect from there than going into the city at rush hour).

Dollypip - If your still coming late at night don't worry we will pick you up from cardiff central station.



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Sorry smiley I was booking trains you see trying to get the cheap options.

I think I arrive at Cardiff about 9pm so not as late as last time as I'm going from work my sisters dropping me off. The trains 5:30 from manchester Piccadilly.


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I will be driving down from just outside Birmingham - J4 of the M42 - leaving at around 5pm so I guess arriving around 8pm depending on traffic So I'll have space in the car if anyone else is coming from around here.


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I have a normal sized back seat Dolly, you can put your leg up on that?! But it's up to you, the offer is there.

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Will be coming down from Surrey on M4 on Friday sometime, fairly flexible but don't want to get stuck in any rush hour traffic, so would prefer to be in area earlier and just chill out with a coffee or explore somewhere. Plenty of space in car if anyone wants a lift, company would be nice :)


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Hi :)

I'm arriving by train, i think it takes an hour and a half from here so anytime from 4.30 ish - i can be pretty flexible (and don't mind arriving later!) but would appreciate a lift from the station if anyone is willing?




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Claratrix takes me about the same I think what station is it? I can check with my BIL cos I'm not driving myself now but can't see it being a problem I won't be able to leave till 6:30 earliest though