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Travel arrangements!


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Yes thats no problem.

So I have Lizzieloubee, Lynz and Coolandme at around 4pm - sorted :)

I'll be in the pick up area - look for a black Golf and a familiar looking hoody/polo on the driver.
Coolandme and I are aiming to arrive at 15.52 at Parkway :) We both have neckers!


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I don't know where my necker is :(
Been so busy shopping and with the new job I hadn't thought about finding what I need to bring...


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I don't have a Guiders necker with me at uni :( But I do have an amazing Notts Allsorts one, so I'll wear that!


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I don't have a Guiders necker but I might dig out my pink/purple District one instead. That should help me be spotted at the station!