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Question? Unit accounts password


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Hi all

I have agreed to be a Guide units admin 'clerk', which will be including dealing with the unit finances. I have downloaded the unit accounts pack from the website, but I want to view the equations/codes they're using. Does anyone know what this password is or how I can find it out




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The accounts package is all locked down so it can't be altered. What are you looking to see on it?
It's actually a pretty simple spreadsheet that just copies information from one cell to another, adds up colums and takes them away elsewhere!

Are you looking to see if it can be altered or just intriged?

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I love, i just add in the figures and it does all the adding up and carrying over to other pages etc. You can't move boxes (if you wanted to put in another order for example) like you would in excel, it doesn't like that! I think its locked down so that peopel like me who don't have a huge amount of accounting experience can use it without getting into a muddle!
My Guide leader friend is an accountant and works with spreadsheets all the time, so she finds it very annoying that she can't do lots of the things she would normally do with a spreadsheet and so has made her own!


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I'm trying to customise a streadsheet so that it is suitable to the needs of the unit and I want to know what equations are being used and how they set it up to automatically carry over information


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I use my own version which is very similar layout and does a simple income & expenditure account. My version has cash, bank, transfers ( cash to bank, bank to cash) and the various analysis columns. I've used it for years, even before the official version came out. Not everyone has spreadsheet or accounting experience so using the official version allows them to keep a record which provides the necessary formats and layouts.

If you are setting up your own, I wouldn't try and copy the official version, but do your own thing so you understand the mechanics etc. The important thing is that the income and expenditure account at the end of the year includes the essential catagories, subs, rent, activities, events etc and you can see how the unit has performed, ie made money or lost money and what the balances brought and carried forward are.


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What are your needs that you are trying to meet??? It may be that the spreadsheet already does it, but you aren't aware of it....


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I have a Mac that doesn't have Excel, only the Apple equivalent - Numbers. The accounts pack has converted to a Numbers document and all the password protection has come out of it.

Do let me know if you want to know anything specific, but the only thing I've found is useful in the editable version is adding pages so all my information is in the one document!