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Updating/adding previous guiding roles at District level


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Hey all, I have two leaders who are about to get their 5 years long service awards at our Annual Review, problem is they are both probably due for at least a 20 year award but their Go! records don't reflect this. Both of them took a break from Guiding for a while, and one has been lost in the system due to three name changes (she can't be the only Guider who's had multiple marriages, right?)

I'm trying to edit their roles on Go! as District Commissioner but cannot for the life of me work out a way to add other units and roles retroactively - it really doesn't help that one of them (not the multiple name one, they both have their own special issues!) has volunteered in at least three different Counties over her Guiding history.

Can anyone help? I'm at my wits' end here! :confused:


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Or further up speak to your County Go co-ordiantor as she should have access to the cross-County records to ensure it all matches up and any duplicates are taken into account.


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You personally will only be able to add roles in your district. If any of the roles are within your district, you need to go to that unit and then add a role (in a similar way to how you would add a Brownie/Guide etc). You won't be able to add anyone to your own unit. Once you have added them, you should be able to change the dates to the correct ones.


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Well done for trying! I'm going to be awarded my five years' service award soon after nearly 20 years for similar reasons, and it feels like a bit of a snub. I suspect the ladies in question would be really touched you've made the effort rather than just rolling with it and giving them five years.

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Thanks everyone! I've emailed the County's Go! adviser but she seems to be on holiday at the moment. Hopefully we can get this sorted before November when we have out review