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Wacky Olympics


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As part of OYM, my Rangers wanted to do a mini olympics night - but being Rangers wanted whacky sports.
I've got space hoppers, balls, balloons, flippers, snorkels etc at my disposal.
Does anybody have any ideas please :)


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Since they're Rangers, how about getting them to plan it? They may need some guidance to make sure everything is doable, but at the same time, will come up with ideas you'd have never thought of

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This isn't too silly - but almost impossible: throwing ping pong balls into jars - they pop out as soon as they pop in!

We made 'Olympic' sailing boats from junk modelling, with each 6 having a mascot that had to go in them. We then got the parachute out and put the boats in the middle - with lots of rough seas the poor boats were tossed high for as long as we could manage - sadly not all the boats ended up in one piece - but heck - couldn't some of them fly!! (You could use a bed sheet if no parachute)


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balloon races are good fun - balloon between knees, balancing balloon on open hand, balloon pairs with balloon held between bums or backs, balloon between ankles, blowing balloon along with straw, balloon under chin...


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we are doing silly sports too so far we have
- welly wanging
- shotput with water balloons
- blindfold goal kicks (spin the girl, then rest of six/patrol direct them) we are going to use our Sainsburys 1 million kit for this
- mini javelin (lawn darts)
- olympic hoops (hoops arranged as olympic rings with points for getting bean bags into sections)
but I'm looking for more ideas too :)


Regatta - supply one bin bag per participant for them to put their feet in and pull the bag up as far as it goes. 'Row' by pushing with hands and feet.
Discus - a cardboard circle around the size of a mug.
Javelin - a pencil or kebab stick.
Hurdles - pencils or similar laid on the ground.
High Jump - hang a strip of paper on the wall (fax roll or similar) and have an ink pad ready. Conestants dab a finger in the ink, jump up and dab the paper at highest point of jump.
Long Jump - standing start.
Equestrian - piggyback race
Shot Putt - standing beanbag throw


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My guides chose Super Mario at the Olympics as the theme for their sleepover. We had 4 teams - Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi. They had to choose a captain. The captain had to be dressed as their character using crepe paper and we'd bought baseball caps too in each team colour. Each team member had to have the same moustache as their captain.

The teams competed in races, table tennis, pistol shooting (using elastic band guns off eBay), shot put using beanbags and synchronised swimming which was hilarious! We were thinking of gymnastics with ribbons but didn't have time.

The girls earned points for each event plus points for their outfits, they also did a super Mario quiz. All participants received a cadburys choc medal and the winners also had haribo gold medal sweets.

The great thing about the theme was the combination of the british theme plus Italian food - they made pizzas from scratch and made ice cream sundaes with red, white and blue sprinkles.

It was such a laugh that the brownie leader who helped us is going to try to convince the brownies to go with a similar theme.


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We had an olympics themed party at Guides last night and invited the older Brownies along too.
They loved it!
We had hoop dancing (a game invented by some of the girls when we did the 'Invent your own sport' section of the 'On your marks...' badge). The girls, in groups/patrols are given a hoop each (or just a few per team to make it harder) and then have to create a dance involving the hoops - they also had to provide their own music if they wanted it. We then watched the dances in turn and the girls voted for their favourite (points were given according to how many votes each dance recieved)
We then had lots of races:
Bubbles: teams spread out in lines down the hall, each member with their own bottle of bubble liquid. First person blew bubbles, caught one and passed it on to the next tem member who passed it on again etc. If it pops, then they can blow a new bubble and continue.
Newspaper: each team had 4 sheets of newspaper - they were supposed to use them as 'islands' to cross the hall, but instead they gave two pieces to each team member and then shuffled across! At least it soaked up the last of the bubble solution! We then repeated as a relay race.
Balloons: they started by tapping the balloons in the air to the other end of the hall, then returning to tag the next team member. Then they had to put the balloon between their knees and run, and then they got into pairs and had to keep the balloon between their backs. Their last race was to balance the balloon on a badminton racquet.

They really enjoyed themselves and the Brownies wanted to come up to Guides right away!
Hope I've given you some ideas :)


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Some ideas I came up with for work (5-11 yrs)

• Paper plane folding and throwing
• Hoopla
• Backwards Basket ball
• Obstacle course
• Discus (using paper plates)
• Throw the bean bag or sock (push a tennis ball into the toe of a sock and tie the other end) - have competitions to see who can throw it the furthest. Of course you could throw practically anything - including wellies!
• Running races of all sorts, including distance races, three legged races, egg and spoon races, sack races, hopping race and relay races!
• High jump and/or long jump
• Chopstick javelin
• Balloon races (knees, chin)
• Collect all the circles to make the Olympic Flag
• Bubble blowing contest (not really sure how this would be judged though!)
• Backwards walking race
• Balloon Volleyball
• Wet sponge relay
• Space hopper relay
• Waiters relay (carry stuff on a tray without spilling)
• Progressive dress relay
• Olympic torch relay
• Water relay
• Pasta relay (coloured pasta in bucket at end of course. Each team has a piece of string and they must run and thread a piece of pasta to their string. First team to fill sting wins.)

Hope this helps


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Thank you to all of you for your ideas :)
Some them may roll over to other nights this term - the Rangers really enjoyed it, and their parents commented how good it was, so thanks to you all.
We did....
hook a duck relay on space hoppers, water relay, waiters relay, olympics ring race, played malteser football and then made a slip and slide (groundsheets and washing up liquid with rubber rings)
Thanks :)