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Walking scheme qualification


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I'm thinking of doing the Walking scheme so that I can take the Brownies on a walk through the woods.
Can anyone let me know what is involved?
Also do you need to go to an official GGUK training?
I've heard from another Guider that as Munich as already about 700m above sea-level, I'd have to take level 3 (mountaineering)!
This seems a little extreme for a short walk in the woods or around a lake :confused:
Has anyone else outside UK done this scheme? Can we adapt the "sea-level" requirement to make it relative to normal ground level?


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As far as I know, so long as you do a risk assessment, have the correct rations, consent, and know the route yourself, you don't actually need a quaification to go for a walk.
If you did, there would be hundreds of Guiders on here all having to take it, for a walk to the chippy, park, playground etc.

I think the qualification is designed for guiders wanting to perhaps take other groups of girls than their own, or use it regularly for much longer distances


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Some of the regulations are a bit too vague - in my first county, there is one area where they need walking qualifications to take their girls out on a walk during meetings as they are in wild country as soon as they leave the town. Yet all the girls know the area really well, as it's their local area


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yes i was under the impression if it is just a normal area you are fine. if you decide to hike up a mountain, go hill walking thats where you need it.


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Thanks for your info so far.
We were planning to take the Brownies on a walk through some woods/forest when we're on Brownie holiday (i.e. not local area).
There's a nature trail and 2 of us will walk the route beforehand (once the snow's gone!).
I don't mind doing the walking scheme - in fact I'll probably quite enjoy it - but I didn't really want to have to do level 3 (mountaineering) just because we're 700m above sea-level.


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Slightly off on a tangent, I did a joint camp with scouts last year. It was my licence for the Guides, but we did have an issue with the scouts licence as the site was a certain distance above sea level, and he needed a mountain licence. (it was an easy access site, flat, full facilities, no heavy walking etc- just up a hill to get there) GGUK didn't have an issue.


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Well thanks for Bridget's recommendation....

Out and About training covers basic group management and risk assessment for taking your unit out of your usual meeting place. Mainly your County Walking Advisor will do them for Districts, Counties etc.

But to go back to your original query, I'm not up to date on the BGIFC aspects but for units in the UK, if a unit is in their local area, following well marked paths or trails and not subject to extremes in the weather etc, you don't need any further qualifications. So if you live in the Lake District and step out of your HQ on to the lower slopes of Skiddaw, the theory is you are aware of the risks and you know the route and the terrain well, you'd be fine without any qualifications.

If you were a visitor in those surroundings the rules would be different. Level 2 Walking Qualification is required if you want to go on to paths or routes that are not well marked and navigation with map and compass may be needed, if you are going to be more than 30minutes from a road, or if you will be subject to the extremes of the elements and the height restrictions.

I did have a query a couple of years ago about a UK group visiting Switzerland, they had a similar situation regarding the height of the walk but the routes are very well waymarked and virtually impossible to get lost. CHQ at the time said that the Walking Scheme didn't apply out of the UK, but the leader had to ensure that they had sufficient experience, risk assessment etc. Fundementally it was an insurance issue, GGUK put in place a scheme to ensure the people leading adventurous activities are suitably trained and experienced to reduce risk and protect the girls. Out of the UK ( on a trip or holiday) then the normal insurance does not apply and it's down to the travel or trip insurance.

I would suggest that you speak to your DC and/or Outdoors Advisor as to what your criteria are.
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