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Hi everyone,
I have noticed an increasing number of users posting their personal email addresses on the forum.

If you are not already aware, most areas on this site are available for non-members to view. By posting your email on here, you are making yourself an easy target for spam, or worse - it's scary what some people can do with an email address these days.

It is ultimately responsibility of the poster to decide whether or not to post their email publicly.
HOWEVER, I would strongly encourage threads publicising challenge badges to upload the file to the site OR ask members to contact them privately on the site using the "start a conversation" option, which you will see if you click on the poster's icon or name. Much better all round.

It has alarmed me that some people have even posted their address on here - I cannot stress enough that most of this site is available to non-members via search engines, and there are very limited, and usually retrospective ways we, as mods, can prevent anyone from joining.

*Where threads persistently attract email addresses, these threads may be closed and posts removed by moderators. This would be a last resort to prevent as a spiralling chain of "Flossie did it so it must be ok", and any old spambot, or worse, getting hold of lots of email addresses in one go.*

If you need any further help, please post your query on this thread. Don't gamble with your personal data.