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Question? Webb Ivory?


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I have been sent a Webb Ivory Catalogue and notice they do fundraising accounts for Guide and Scout units.

Is there anyone who has used Webb Ivory as a fundraiser.

Is it a lot of effort to administrate?

Is it worth the effort?


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We used to do it, so much effort, not a massively good outcome for the group considering how much time and space it took


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We used to do it some years ago but stopped when the quality of the goods began to fall. I don't know what it's like now but I suspect they'd have to have upped their game considerably to compete with supermarkets and online suppliers.


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we used to do it and we found the extra money useful but we stopped as less people were ordering from us and the percentage paid from each item was getting less. However if you have someone who has a bit of extra time i would suggest giving it a go as i think they have returned to 25% of all orders going to unit funds and now its computerised it should be easier. My advice is get the catologues out as soon as possible and give a deadline for orders for beginning/middle of october.


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It can be a good fund-raiser if you've got the time and energy to administer it.
Although, consider whether others in your area are already doing it e.g. if you've received a catalogue from someone else, that suggests another group in your area (nursery, church etc) are already doing it - would you be competing with their existing network of customers.

I stopped a few years back as our town was a bit saturated! (every unit in our district did it (so you had families trying to split their orders to give us each a bit of business), two churches were doing their own, the BB & GB and a couple of nurseries ......)


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It takes alot of time and effort
Be prepared to deal with items that are out of stock - you either refund or have to reorder (and pay additional postage if you do, which isn't cheap)
Get the cheques with the orders
we used to get about £100 from it, decided it wasn't worth it in the end
try a bodyshop party instead


We did it for decades, but stopped some years ago.

When we first did it there weren't many other catalogues around, and there weren't many other organisations in the community doing similar. Over time there was an increase of both. Whereas in the early years most parents were ordering something, and some were ordering substantial amounts - by the latter years far fewer placed orders.

Again, in the early years customer service was good. We always closed off ordering at the October mid-term, and most items came in good time for Christmas. In the later years we had big problems. If items are out-of-stock when you order, then it is up to you to re-order them (with no guarantee that they won't be out-of-stock again when you order them, and the postage charge to pay either way). If people order personalised items they can be slow to come (and if there are printing errors in the personalisation, as occasionally there will be) then it will take as long again to get replacements made and shipped. The last year I did it, I found myself on the phone chasing up personalised cards whilst trying to make it clear to their staff that unless they could get them to me before the last posting date for second class, they would be no use . . .

You need to have someone who will be around to receive the boxes, it takes time to sort out the goods and bag up the orders, you then have to arrange to transport the stuff to the hall for handing out or deliver it.

Nowadays there are easier ways of raising a similar amount . . .


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We're doing it this year to help our YLs who are going to Canada next year (we told them we'd help with fundraising when they went up for selection, meaning we've now got to help them raise £4400!), but I suspect it'll be a one off.

We used to do it each year when I was a Guide, mum then "inherited" it when she took over the unit, and gave up after a year or so as it was too much hassle

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yellow moon is much better . just order the catalogues hand them out and if they want something they order it and pay for it themselves and the order goes straight to them
then around feb-march time you get sent a cheque .