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Weekly Discussion: Call me.....

What are your volunteers called?

  • First names

  • Surnames

  • Owls

  • Food

  • Character names

  • Other themed names

  • Animals

  • Colours

  • "Military" (captain/skipper, lieutenant etc)

  • Other

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As everyone is now most likely back at meetings by the end of this week and busy a lighter thread.

What are you called at meetings? Are your volunteers named by theme or is it random- do you even have nicknames? Do only adult leaders get nicknames or do YLs and UHs get them too? Is getting a name a rite of passage or is it assigned straight away?


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I have/had a few names!
At Brownies I was a Finch as I was a YL and the Leaders were owls.
I have Cloudy at Rainbows - all the leaders were weather (my mum is Rainy and my Auntie is Sunny - the rainbows said I had to be Cloudy cos Clouds and Rain comes together) at my first unit and when I moved to another unit within the same district some of the girls already knew me from district events so I kept my name.
At Guides the other leaders are miltary (we asked the Guides and they wanted to stick with these) but as Captain and Lieutenant was taken the Guides didn't like the other ranks so came up with my real name backwards - Yelyah.
I think it was really clever of them and I love it. My Rangers still call me this even though I've offered them to call me by my name.

I really like that the girls have pretty much decided all my names.


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We use everyones first names, simple and easy. I also volunteer in the reception class at school, so I have my 'school name' there and have to remind them occasionally to use it, so glad they aren't calling me by some owl or flower or animal name there!!


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Adults have owl names, which are a mix of actual owls and “made up” owl names. It’s not forced but if they prefer to be known as their own name girls tend to stick “owl” on the end anyways. I wouldn’t be comfortable with a long term helper or leader being known as Mrs/Miss/Ms/Mx/Mr/Dr Surname though, too close to school.

YL and DofE are their own names, getting a nickname when they turn 18. This isn’t a hard and fast rule though, if one wanted one they could, just so far the preference has been own name.


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At Guides we use first names, one Rainbow unit adult leaders are all Rabbits with a colour, I'm Green Rabbit, YL decided she wanted to a Bunny rather than a Rabbit. Other unit for a long time has been British wild animals, hence my name Mummy because my daughter is Squirrel another unit joined with us so we are bit of a mix now as they are anything with wings so there is Ladybird and Peter Pan


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We've got Owl names at Brownies, and my YL is Dragonfly. Then at Rainbows we have bird names, and I am Kiwi - because for a while both leaders were also Brown Owls, and she had already claimed Owl!

Being Australian I suggested Kookaburra, but apparently it was too hard for them, so they chose Kiwi.


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We are all Owls - regardless of whether they're adults or YLs - everyone is a volunteer, I don't like to make any of my leaders feel they're not as 'important' as the Owls as my YLs are all Brilliant.


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Our rainbow leaders are named after beatrix potter characters, LiC is Mrs.Whiskers, the two young leaders are mopsy and cottontail :) Brownies are Brown Owl and Little Owl and Guides and Rangers just use own names.


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For Guides we are all first names - it was how things were when I joined the unit and, even though I am the only remaining leader from that original team, I think it would be tough to change now plus, as I do Brownies too, it does make a good distinction between the two sections when girls move up.
For Brownies, I had a historical name from previously being a leader elsewhere that is plastered all over many of my possessions so it seemed sensible to go with that (we opened a new unit so no historical president). My old unit was bird names but, given the choice, the girls didn't want a set theme. The way we work for other leaders joining is that each brownie gets to suggest/nominate a name and the leader gets to choose from the suggestions (obviously there is some guidance to ensure fairly sensible/PC names). We have had all sorts over time including dizzy, sparkle, squeak, cup cake and unicorn to name but a few. All regular helpers get a name including and guides that are brownie helpers.


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You won't be surprised to hear I was Fox in one unit.
I've been Sunny Owl, Brown Owl, Eagle and first name.
I tried to be Captain in Guides but they weren't having any of it.