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Weekly Discussion: Home comforts


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As one holiday period comes to a close, a question crossed my mind. If you could only take one "luxury" on a camp what would it be? And what little home comforts do you always take on a residential?


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Mine is a decent sleeping bag. I can sleep on a hard ground with no roll mat but I can't be cold or else I just don't sleep. I always forget just how cold it can get in a tent or hall at night, but a few years back I purchased a very nice snuggly sleeping bag which made a world of difference.

Preferably I also like to take my own travel mug so I always know that I have a clean cup to hand. Not so much a comfort but I also like to have my own penknife for ease.


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My fold up chair - got to the stage where sitting on the ground isn't comfortable (and getting back up again is decidedly undignified...)


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I'm old and creaky now and was starting to think I might have to give up camping. I really didn't want to but ached after sleeping (or failing to sleep) on the ground. But I recently bought a Light Speed FlexForm sleep mat and it's wonderful - camping is back in!


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I’ve tended to go for luxury versions of the standard items to be honest. Really good boots, waterproofs and an inflatable mat, give me those and I’m probably happy.

My penknife is a bit of an odd model (chosen with Guide camp in mind) so that is my little luxury, even has a fire lighting flint instead of a toothpick!