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Weekly Discussion: If you can't shift it.....


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It might seem a little premature but this is posted now to allow time for ideas to build up and just in case anyone can help out someone else.

Lots of units have decided to move over to the new programme at the start of the academic year or with a very clear phase, I don't think I have come across more than one or two who are planning to run this whole coming year with no element of the new programme. This means in some respects its difficult to shift certain materials.

In tidying the cupboard we have found a bunch of older materials that has little to no use to us, some now represent wasted money as there is so much with little demand. Some blank certificates from 2003 for going outdoors old promise and old trefoil on them, copies of the split adventure handbooks, a large bag of one certain badge from an apparently cancelled activity day....As the unit has changed lead several times in the past twenty years (sometimes at very short notice) its not always a case of poor planning, just that no one had the chance to properly go through or thought to say in the handover between all the important things that there was a hidden bag of badges. We've been trying to shift a large pile of badge books for a year by selling them at a very discounted rate but hardly any parents wanted them because they could find the badge criteria online for free. We are now looking at selling them online instead after no one locally wanted them. Which got me thinking about alternatives or more creative solutions.

So what ideas do you have for shifting stock that a unit won't use, recent or older?


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Ideas for older materials like books, resources or certificates:
  • List on eBay or Amazon
  • Contact the local Guiding archives, would they like a copy especially if its in very good condition
  • Or other local history groups or museums that look at childhood activities (both are more likely if it has some local or "used" aspect to it, rather than just blank materials)
  • Consider the unit holding back a copy of an older book for girls to look at in the future if you have the space
  • Part of me feels bad for suggesting this but- cut out useful activities, ideas or anything of significance to stick in a folder or book
Ideas for badges (of any age):
  • Bundle a couple of different ones into "blind bags" and sell at adult or Guiding events
  • See if there is anyone travelling and looking for swaps to take abroad
  • Leaders/adults/TG social or mixer. Who fancies earning a "vintage" badge?
  • List on eBay, Amazon or Etsy. Consider just putting the name of the badge or name before "Guiding". People often like buying badges for what they have on them to personalise something, I've seen someone do wedding favours with each person getting a badge (not all badges were Guiding, some were Scouting, other youth organisations etc) based on a career, hobby or interest. Apparently it went down well.


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After the previous change of brownie badges, we had lots of brown triangles left. I contacted hq and they said if I sent them in, they could go overseas to countries still using them.
Since no other countries aopted the yellow diamonds, that can't happen this time
One unit also kept one copy of every badge, uniform and handbook for doing guiding history activities, but that only uses one of everything.

There are lots of buyers on ebay who do not know of the new programme and will buy bigger stocks hoping to make a profit.

A large guiding event could organise a simple swap system, everyone bring their badges and resources and swap freely.

I suppose paper resources could be just be put in recycling bins. Some charities have book bins which then get offered to other countries.

Financially I doubt current guiders will be willing to pay more than nominal amounts for old stock, but Jo Public might.

We have just cleared out the cupboard and binned/recycled lots of stuff ready to start the new programme, it was a bit stressful at the time, but now it is done, there is a sense of freedom to begin afresh.


With old interest badges - club stocks together with other local units, see which badges you have lots of, and then have a badge activity day which girls from all the units can come along to, work on specific badges, and receive them that day. A lot of badges could be done in that type of set-up, and the Leaders would be able to judge the work of girls from units other than their own.


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a large bag of one certain badge from an apparently cancelled activity day....
Could you run an appropriate activity day, or 2 or 3 of the sessions in the 40% of your own thing time and give out these badges, is there enough? Or maybe a nearby unit could do this if numbers are suitable and buy them from you?