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hi - and at the risk of sounding stupid, where are all the old downloads pls? have they all gone? I used to use these a lot and there were pages of them which could be found by badge type, and now I can only view 2 pages? I can see new resources/downloads but none of the old ones..?
sorry, as I know your thread stated as below, but I can't see for looking perhaps..

Downloads have not transferred unfortunately but this gives us a chance to update a refresh the content. You'll find the section under Resources and when you add an upload a thread will be automatically added to the appropriate forum section.

Old Resources will be found on our backup site at archive.guiders.co.uk


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Hi. Have you gone to the archive link above. This has all the old resources (but none of the threads as these were transferred)

If you click the link it'll take you to the old download section. Just checked and there are 540 resources. 321 of which are challenges.

Hope that help. Let me know if I've miss understood.


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Hi Gwen,
Ah you mean the old old resources. Didn't realise anyone was still using them.
I've had a quick go at adding them back on as it's all still there but looks like I'll need to spend sometime tweaking permissions and configurations to get it work. No time now but I'll look at it tomorrow for you.