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Wellies and Wristbands 2016 - Transport from Warwickshire


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We are heading down to Foxlease this year, 9 of us total including 2 adults but I am struggling to find a reasonable transport option, the train is a huge amount, partly because we don't hit 10 people for a group discount!

Is anyone travelling from Warwickshire that we might be able to join up for transport? We are Kenilworth based.

Thanks in advance
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see if a friend has a family and friends rail card. that is what i did. Though toward the summer national rail do a free one that you can register for and then renew for the year at a cheaper rate.


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The family and friends railcard does make the prices a bit more reasonable, thanks for that suggestion. The rail company won't do any deal, as the count a group as ten or more, no budging!
Hi - are you still looking for transport? We are north Worcestershire based and have a coach booked which has space on it. We could possibly pick you up en-route??