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Official Info: What Alcohol are you bringing?


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On previous G2G's If I understand correctly people have stated what alcohol they are bringing.

We will be supplying some basics and some welsh alcohol

Brecon Vodka
Brecon Gin
Penderyn Whiskey
Welsh Ale

Small Bottles of beer
Schleur Non alcoholic wine
Fruit Juices

We will get more if the budget allows

Can you all post below what you will pledge to bring with you so ben knows what crazy drinks he can create!

The Crazier The better!!!!!!


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I will be bringing some alcohol free wine (pregnant lady wine!)
I will be bringing some ginger wine (home made)
half a bottle of Cointreau


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I think that Ben has said he won't be doing as much 'bar' this time due to us having a very early start on the Sunday to go to Gilwell.

If I feel like it I may bar wench, but its a bit too much like work for me!

I'll probably bring cider/whatever I find in my cupboard.
If you live in Uncle Bryns House does that mean you drink Chinzano?

Sorry could not resist. Goodness knows how to spell words 6 & 13.

I am happy to bring a bottle do you have any reasonable requests? Eg not Bollinger or Single Malt.


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I'll be bringing a box of pink and hoping it lasts longer than at brownsea where it didn't make it past Friday teatime!!


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I have loads of wine - (My wine club delivers more than I can get through by myself)! What are people's preferences? I'll also bring some Diet Pepsi too.


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Can i be cheeky but can i send someone some money to get some for me as i am coming on the train with a wheelchair and am going to struggle with everything else, also would it be possible for somebody to pick me up from the station.



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There is a 24hr Tesco just up the road if all else fails. So If you don't fancy carrying alcohol on the train I'm sure a shopping trip can be arranged.


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I forgot, sorry! I've spent all week at mum's helping her out cos her car's in the garage and she has 3 school runs to do that aren't walkable.

I'll try and remember to look tonight.


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I think that Ben has said he won't be doing as much 'bar' this time due to us having a very early start on the Sunday to go to Gilwell.
I suggest you go easy on the Pendryn Whiskey then. Has a hell of a punch and an even worse hangover.


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OK, bar contents that i have are:
Asda southern comfort (apparently is nicer than normal according to dolly! lol) - nearly a bottle
Wild Berry Red Square Vodka - 1/2 bottle
Sagatiba - nearly a bottle
Stags Breath - nearly a small bottle
Banana Bols - nearly a bottle
1 pink wine
1 mulled wine
1 red wine
Peach Schnapps (not brand name) - 1 bottle
Coconut White Rum (not brand name) - 2 bottles
Sherry - 1/2 bottle
Famous Grouse - 1/2 bottle
Christmas Pudding Vodka - 1/2 bottle
Raspberry Smoothie Vodka - 1 bottle
White Rum - 1 1/2 bottles
Russian Vodka (unpronouncable so prob good stuff! lol) - 3/4 bottle
Gordons Gin - 1 bottle
Blue Curaco Bols - 1/4 bottle
Toffee Caramel Vodka - 1/2 bottle
Red Mickey Finn - 1/2 bottle
Mint Bols - 1/2 bottle
Irn Bru Red Square - 2 bottles
Blue Red Square - 2 bottles.

From my personal collection for the bar i have a couple of bottles of white and some pear and ginger syrup which is apparently very nice in white wine - not had occasion to try it though!