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Official Info: What Alcohol are you bringing?


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I'm bringing some Peach schnapps and cranberry juice.

I have a book of cocktail recipies I will throw in too in case we need inspiration.


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If only I could remember what was in the amazing cocktail I was drinking on Saturday night........

I might have to try and recreate it, haha!

I have a bottle of pink fizz and some other bits I'll chuck in.


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yep I've got white wine x 2 plus I'm looking at the shelf in our sitting room with a glint in my eye as there is all sorts there that is not being used :)

Edit: raided shelves :)
Full bottle of vodka
3/4 bottle of coffee liqueur
1/2 bottle of spanishy brandy
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i found a bag at the back of my shed that belongs to the bar with a couple of white and a couple of red wine bottles in it. :)


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I'll join the non-alcoholics!

I do have a bottle of wine which I was bought as a Christmas present last year by someone who didn't know I don't drink, so if I remember to get it down, I'll bring it along.

I'll also run to Asda on my way for something if I have time. It's not far, just the wrong direction


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wmbbk!!!!!!!!!!! love ya jenn!! :D

see you all in 9ish hours!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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nope, only had a large tea & 2 croissants so far today. But i'm all ready to go, just waiting for my mum to get home about 2 so i can leave.

I've just not seen you guys in so long that i've missed you all loads and so am a bit excited.


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I'm waiting a while before setting off. Saw the weather forecast this morning, and if I go now, I'll be batting the wind and rain all the way there. But if I wait a while, it'll have moved east a bit so the last part won't be so bad