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What does your Guiding bag look like?


Brownie-induced madness
Because mine is a Pit of Stuff as we say in our household.
I need some organisation.
I tend to write what we are planning to do on a card (and lose it) or in a notebook (and lose the page).
I put all the paperwork that needs handing out in a clear folder (but there is so much paperwork that some gets lost), which is where I keep info/consent forms if we are having an outing (thankfully I rarely lose them).

I also put in all the printouts for whatever we are doing (again I lose them) and then small things that are for an activity go in my main Guiding bag (guess what?) and then larger things get their own bag if just going to the hall for that one meeting.
On the Guiding table during a meeting go my keys, badges to be given out (which are in dinner money envelopes but if a girl is absent... guess what happens to the envelope?), paperwork needed during the meeting (invariably I or someone else put something on top of it) though resources needed for activities go straight on the activity tables when I get to the meeting place.
We used to meet fortnightly for a longer meeting but now will be meeting weekly and a regular length meeting so I MUST get organised.
I do OK on money as we have a cash box, a specific clear folder for all financial items, and a diary where we staple in receipts on the right date.
But everything else is a mess!


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Mine is a keep calm, carry on guiding cloth bag, which is just for my collection of plastic folders with papers in. I just looked at the bottom of it, and there is a ball of string, an owl stamp, an empty sticky tape dispenser, 8 bulldog clips, a box of drawing pins, 4 lolly sticks and pink texta.


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With all these new resources, it's very heavy!!!

I am just going to take out the skill builder (s) and UMAs we're working on that term and store them in a working folder, I think.

Moving to bank transfer to avoid loose envelopes of cash.

Email out forms and then as they come in clip behind the register with everything else that's loose.....

Have badge box to store badges, and paper list in it that name is crossed off when badge is awarded.


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I have a rucksack with 2 compartments - need weekly and may need to hand sometimes. When I arrive at meetings, I lift out the entire contents of the front section and put the pile next to my place in the circle. I only need to go through the other section if a parent asks a specific question.
My folders are those coloured coded tough zip up ones so all trip info and forms goes in red, tracking badge progress in blue, register in clear along with things I need to give out or say when we get into the circle.
Then there's a shopping bag which contains "the box" - a box file into which parents drop letters, messages and money. My routine is to go through that when I get home after meetings. This keeps 'my' stuff (for running the programme ) separate from 'their' stuff, which I have to deal with e.g. write a receipt. It's extra to carry but invaluable for being one place for anything families bring in - I train them in this from week one.
Subs are paid by standing order into the bank.


Brownie-induced madness
We also have parents paying in standing orders, thank goodness.
I like the idea of a box file, I have ended up with so many envelopes in pockets (or even loose cash in pockets).
I've weeded out a few Skills Builders and UMAs for the girls to choose from at the first meeting and I imagine I'll be able to cut that down a bit once we've chosen from them.
I do think I need more folders...


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My box file contains pens, scissors and envelopes and has a message on the lid explaining what it's for. It also says we do not accept loose cash.


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I do think I need more folders...
I believe The Works have some quite substantial plastic display folders which are good for storing the SB and UMA cards in...
We could have an entire thread on how different leaders are organising the storage of these resources


Brownie-induced madness
I was already disorganised before, though.
I need some way to make my brain remember a) what I have to do before a meeting b) to actually take it all with me and c) to use it when I get there.


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I have an A5 file from paper chase with built in poly pockets. It contains:
-term plan, keys to the hall and the unit bank card (don't panic, it's a card that only is for paying in money)
-a list of the girls' names and if and how they paid subs (cash or cheque), and the money or cheques given to me (once home, put in a safe place until I can get to the bank)
-any badges to be given out
-the new unit register (new addition for the new programme!)
-one polypocket for anything to do with last term

I think that's about it. Basically then I just take that file and any resources or equipment I need. I walk to Brownies from work so I can't be faffing with a lot of stuff.
It depends on what we are doing that week but usually I take my little trundly trolley thing. At the moment it has:
- a small locked cashbox for subs, unit register
- cupboard/hall keys
- 3 folders with all our new skills builder/UMA cards for me to add to the term plan at home (then the ones we aren't using will go in the cupboard and the ones we need will go in the blue file our 'practice' UMAs came in last year)
- some random bits that need to go into the cupboard (campfire songbook, craft bits)
- a badge book that a girl managed to lose on Monday night within 30 minutes of being given it (later found as we tidied up)

The trolley thing is great as I can usually fit all the bits and bobs we need in it.

If I don't have a lot of stuff to take I just take a bag for life or similar, I don't really have a specific guiding bag. Not all our leaders can make every week so we try to keep most stuff in the cupboard and then we just have to swap the keys/register around, but I wouldn't leave money or cheques or personal details in the cupboard as it has been broken into in the past.


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Is 'a total and utter mess' a good enough answer? It needs a real sort out, but in it I have:

- Folder inc Register etc
- Cash Tin
- Badge Book
- Some Skills Builders
- About 1000000 pens (Some of which work, some don't I expect)
- A necker I keep meaning to put back in the necker box
- Assorted letters and resources
- Roll of bin bags and a Roll of Sandwich Bags (Another thing that i've been meaning to put back in the cupboard...)
- Emergency File we got from Girlguiding

And that's just what I can think of!


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I have a canvas bag which has:

*Pens (biro, sharpie and whiteboard) held together with an elastic band.
*Some blank envelopes
*Plastic folder with chequebook and paying on book
*Plastic folder for receipts and a notebook
*My note book with notes for the meeting/plans
* Plastic binder with the register, emergency contact list, risk assessments, fireplan and some blank starter/incident/consent forms

We also have a box which comes out each meeting with:
*Six point pots
*Toilet passes ^
*First Aid kit
*Leaders copies of the books

^We have had lots of problems with the whole one girl asks half the unit end up in the loo which is reached via narrow stone steps so we have a one in one out with two passes. Exemptions for girls with medical needs.