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What happens to your unit during the holidays?


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we only do school term times, but I do understand that real uni students get long summer breaks, as a radiography student we were expected to "work" all summer with only 3 weeks off as holiday, which was rota'd between the students so we werent all off at same time, I suppose you could do meetings during half terms when other units would normally shut down, to try and make up the weeks, but remember some kids may be away so may not have a full unit, you could plan a couple of saturday meetings/events extra to ensure they get enough meeting time, maybe bowling,swimming or something on a weekend that you maybe couldnt fit into a normal meeting time??


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Most of the Uni student-run units round here do half term meetings - it is quite variable how many girls you get.

I run on one of the Sundays of half term as otherwise we'd miss too many meetings, and when I remember I try and plan something that is better with fewer girls (e.g. swimming).


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When I was a student I was running my guide unit with a parent unit helper. I usually compromised with the term dates, found a point I could stay until but wasn't at the end of term.

To be honest we never run until the end of term anyway as the girls get busy with end of term activities so attendance drops so we usually finish a week before the end of term anyway. We also start a week after the start of term as different schools go back on different days in the first week and sometimes on a wednesday so when we meet on tuesdays that would be before the start of term anyway.

So considering we tended to have 2 weeks less than the school term anyway, the parents didn't find it so bad that I also missed 1-2 weeks to fit more into my term dates. I was usually back in London a week or so before and after my term dates anyway so managed to find a compromise between the term dates. Also on occasion I had another leader could run an extra meeting for me at the end of term if they were able to, and I had a 4 meeting as well once.

I also cancelled meetings during my exam periods if I had exams the day after a meeting or a big project to hand in. The parents were always fine with this as they knew the unit would close without me and I always sent letters home explaining why and which dates there would be no meeting.

I even changed the meeting times by 30mins for a term as I had a lecture until 6pm so couldn't get to guides on time. Again with enough information the parents were fine. There was a little confusion about start times because of this but it wasn't complained about.

I have always found parents very accommodating about my timetable and other leaders in the division were always willing to help if they could. Also if you think about it the fact you are at uni and managing to run a unit as well is a great role model to the girls so if there is a complaint you could use this as a point in your favour, plus if there is a parent complaining, you could just suggest they run the unit!