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Question? What information can be given when publicising meetings?

Hi All, I am sure I read once before that you shouldn't publicise the times, days, dates and locations of where your group meets for child protection reasons, however I've looked on the guiding website and can't find this anywhere. Please could someone tell me if I am correct and if so where I can find the official policy saying this.
Thanks Rose


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Join Us is changing all this as the system will tell parents the venue, time of meetings when parents register their girls on the Join Us site


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I have also always been told you cant put up a poster with location/Time details. Join Us wont replace us putting posters up. The only difference is the poster will direct the parent to the Join us system, where they can get all the information.


Up until now, advice has been not to give full details of both where and when you meet, give one or the other, whichever will be of more relevance to parents. I understand that once 'Join Us' is rolled out then it will cease to be an issue.