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What time will people be arriving?!


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Hey Guys

Sorry ive not been around much, Uni and thats been manic!

I was just wondering what time people where going to be arriving on friday?!

Im travelling from Leeds on the train to Derby Train station so just wanted a rough time to sort out trains etc

Also could i please ask for a lift from Derby train station on the friday night and a lift back to the station on the sunday,
Im happy to help cover costs for that as im not sure how far the campsite is from the station! Last time i went, we travelled by coach

Thank you!


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I'm probably going to be there sometime between 9-9.30. I will be grabbing some food on the way down so won't want to eat.


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I'm not sure whether I'm arriving v late Friday or early Saturday: I have to do a pickup from Heathrow first.

I'm guessing I'll be too tired Friday night and will probably end up arriving on Saturday at breakfast.


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Think I will be leaving home about 6, so arriving 8 ish, depending on what time husband gets home to take over childcare. I'm driving, and am more than happy to do station pick up/drop off duty if needed.


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I'm driving straight from work, should be there about 6-7pm. Also happy to do station pick-ups if needed :)


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I think I should be finished at work by 9... Hopefully.... Fingers crossed... (had enough incidents this week!) So I should be there before 10:30! I'll have eaten, cause I'm on with the A-Team and we party! :)


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I have actually cleaned quite a lot of garbage out - cleanest I have seen it since I bought it!
LOL, I scooped the worst of the heavy rubbish out so there was a third seat available, and excavated about shin-deep of detritus out of the passenger footwell for Waddow t'other weekend :)