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what to do with.....


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
found my name badge as i dug out my brownies stuff 2nite an thought it was so pretty that i wana do sumat with it, an also han made a great job on them! Wish i cud wear it again :( so wat can i do with it as its 2nice2b in a box!


Bananaface :oD
Staff member
awwwh! this thread has given me a warm fuzzy feeling :p

Mine is currently sat on a bookshelf in the dining room!


Guide and Ranger Guider
Staff member
mine is hanging on my guide notice board in my office, next to my certificates from G2Gs 1 and 2!


The Doctor (5000+ posts)
I have a cork board that I put all sorts of stuff like name badges and pins and other stuff like that up on! I also have hung off of it all the staff ties I have from camp, and name tags etc!


I've added the cards we all got on our visit to CBBC in the summer to mine and it's hanging on my mirror in the bedroom - makes me smile everytime I see it! :)


Rainbow Guider...still official nutcase
mine is hanging from my cd rack along with my necker, various passes from music festivals I've been to for the last few years and all the 'hilarious' badges I got for my 30th last year!