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What to take to recruitment

Hi everyone!
I've just come back to a rainbow and brownie unit whose numbers have been dwindling for a while, and I'm determined to do something about it!
I've had a flyer through for a fun day at the local park and am just waiting on them getting back to me.
However I'm wondering what to take/what to do?
I've ordered section postcards and posters in the hope that they will be here on time, I will take our posters, info and sign up sheet, as well as our rainbow bear, giant ring toss and giant noughts and crosses to attract attention, does anyone have any tips?
Thank you in advance :)


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Something where the families have to stay a little while will give you the chance to chat to parents about what you do. We borrow a badge making machine or you could do a simple craft like hats or masks. If you have enough adults maybe toasting marshmallows.


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Make sure some of your girls are there in uniform. They could be doing the craft and encouraging others to join them.

If their parents stay, they could talk to them too, how much flossie enjoys it etc

Decorating cakes could be a good one - i'm learning that most units have a food thing going on :)

Play some games with your girls and hopefully others might join in.

Photo board to show what you get up to!
Thank you both for your help!
We took a "challenge" and got 26 new enquiries who want a call in September to remind them about coming! :D happy days! :D