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Where shall we go to camp? Recommend a site for us....


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Our Guide unit is thinking of where to go for camp next year. We want to go somewhere we haven't been before ( so not sites in Somerset or Foxlease). These are our criteria:
- not too far away as we'll only be going for 3 or 4 nights so East Devon, Dorset, North Somerset, Wiltshire, western side of Hampshire is probably our geographical limit
- plenty of wood for cooking on fires
- space on site for wide games and preferably some interesting features like a stream or woods ie a site that feels a bit 'wild'
- preferably flush toilets and showers. A shelter on the site would be ideal as it would save us having to buy a mess tent....

Let me know if you have a site you've been to that you can recommend.


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A bit further than you said, but we have an excellent campsite in Devon at Taw Bottom, see the girlguiding devon website.
Woods, stream, flush toilets, etc.


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We have a lovely site in Worcestershire in the shadow of the Malvern Hills and has everything on your wish list including a small wood, but it may be a just a bit too far............ But it would be worth it I'm sure!!
Ferny Crofts is the scout centre a few miles from Foxlease. It's less developed so more like sleeping in the forest. You can't walk to a town/shops from the site, but there is a small train station in walking distance. There's plenty of room for games in enclosed woodland or open space. Recently they have added the option to hire a shelter/marquee/classroom with tables and chairs. If you haven't already gathered it's one of my favourite sites! Have attended many happy cub/scout camps there


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Probably a bit far for your travel range, but would fit the bill if you had longer at some other point: http://www.girlguidingcornwall.co.uk/information/campsites/ Just outside Truro (mainline train route and decent taxi firms), cooking equipment and tents provided, open fire equipment, wood, activity hut, covered platform and leaders room, wash block with loos and showers. Access to canoes (and can organise local canoe instructor through the boating advisor). Right on the river - good for wildlife and walks (decent footpaths).


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There's always Woodhouse Park in Bristol

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