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Question? Where to stay in London?


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I think our unit just got big gig tickets and now I have to look into the logistical nightmare that is Lincoln to London and back.

Looks like we will have to stop overnight because the trains don't run late enough to return home afterwards, so can anyone recommend where a group of 20 of us could stay.

Needs to be accessible by train and no/minimal bedding luggage.

Thanks muchly.


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There are loads of hostels in London, a lot of which will be used to dealing with groups. I have stayed in the two Palmers Lodge hostels personally, but I haven't stayed there as a group. The Willesden Green one is really close to Wembley, so that may be worth looking into. It is only one stop down on the Jubilee Line and about 10 minutes walk from there to the hostel.


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I guess there's no chance to swap to the afternoon gig is there? It would be so much better cost and logistics wise.
Most of the cheap hostels are adult only so you're looking at specialist youth places and with Guides you'll need a degree of segregation from the rest of the accommodation, making your search harder.
Good hunting