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Question? Who is doing what?


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Hiya guys

in our group we are crossing our jubilee party on the 8th with a fundraiser so we can take the girls to an outdoor activity center. Were have paid games and an auction and music and party food. We also have a queen for the night vote.
What about you?

sandra 100

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we have district jubilee party on monday night all have made crowns or tiaras to wear and wearing red white and blue having traditional tea party and games hope weather stays nice


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We're having a jubilee themed fancy dress street party (although it will be in the hall). THe girls are all coming dressed in things jubilee related (crowns, queen, and some have even said theyre coming as dogs!!)
Busy trying to get everything ready and exciting for the girls.


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The Rainbows and Brownies had a Princess themed Jubilee Party yesterday to which they invited the new Lord Mayor and who attended.
My Guides on Thursday are having a Jubilee meeting with a buffet, games, quiz and they have to create an outfit fit for the Jubilee out of bin bags etc.
Also we are fortunate enough to be taking a Guide and Senior Section member down to London on Monday for the Royal Procession on Tuesday.


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We are having a BP Jubilee Tea Party tomorrow night for the older girls at Guides.
Not really doing anything jubilee-y with the other guides due to one thing and another.

Brownies have been doing Jubilee stuff this term... so tomorrow night is a fun night.

Some of the Guides are going to London with us this weekend. Lots of fun to be had. Centenary Maze, Wicked at Theatre, London Eye, day at Pax Lodge (jubilee activity day), sightseeing in westminster...

Can't wait!


Because I'm not available to take my units to the County Beacon Lighting event, the Brownies are having a Jubilee party, and the Guides will be trying to do 60 challenges in 60 minutes. Both units have also made cards to send off.


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We had ours last night :) Brownies had already made fascinators and decorated cups and made small pennants for table decorations.

So they were given special name labels on arrival (Lady name/street), made matching place name cards, played croquet, pin tail on corgi, uj paper chain bunting relay, practised courtseying to the 'queen', decorated fab corgi bags and made jubilee plaited zip dangles with crown charms .... and then we had an amazing tea party, drinks poured from tea pots, table decorations, lovely food, and uj lollipops to take home. Exhausting but fab.


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We'll do ours on the 10th - Royalty through the ages. We're going to have an Edwardian tea party with crepe paper hats, moustaches and waistcoats, and cucumber sandwiches, and then for George V we'll do some Australian songs, George VI tongue twisters and "public speaking", and Elizabeth we'll talk about what we'd save from a fire and do Stop, Drop and Roll.
I'm going to make a 50 foot, 110 year timeline out of wallpaper lining and I also have some historical royal souvenirs we found when clearing out my MIL's flat.


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With one of my units we had a joint red,white and blue 'street party' with another brownie unit yesterday and we even managed to hold it outside and with the other brownie unit we had a 1950's ladies tea party and the girls invited their mum or grandma, we all dressed in 50's style clothing.

Had a great time at both


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I'm helping marshall on Westminster Bridge for the Thames Pageant tomorrow. Last minute thing - answered an emergency call from LASER's Chief Commissioner yesterday. Really looking forward to it - don't even care if I do get wet!